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Certain Times Set To Release Debut LP “Desire” out June 9th on Double Phantom

May 16, 2023

Certain Times Set To Release Debut LP “Desire” out June 9th on Double Phantom

Certain Times is a synthpop project based in Brooklyn, NY. The husband-wife duo come from a long musical history in the Atlanta music scene–most notably members of 2010s garage rock band Carnivores and more recently producing records for Sub Pop band Omni. 

The project is an attempt to exercise collective anxiety through the power of movement shaded by familiar melodies and driving synthesized sounds. Themes of the group’s debut allude to our collective tension between the modern day malaise and the release required to let go and move on. Live, the group combines elements of classic synthpop records with a Criterion-meets-junk culture video collage as the backdrop with the intention of inspiring dance and connection. 

Ahead of the release, Certain Times have shared three singles which are streaming via Bandcamp now.

The singles shared from the forthcoming album all capture this absolute magic that Certain Times creates. Together, the charm of the pair and the vision for their synth-powered arrangements, carefully capture this immense sense of urgency amongst the enthralling movement of their release. Each release embraces this ageless stance, this lasting impression intensifies from your first listen, through to your repeats.

Whilst still relying on the classic influences that resonate from their synth tones, and nod to the 80s, Certain Times elevate their vision with this innovative magnetism. Their musical direction captures the warmth and familiar tonal animation, delivered with the pair’s authenticity and immersive vitality. They’ve created something with a fresh personality. Disco-beats, eerie delay, and dynamic vocal notes, already this band have quickly forged a fearsome reputation.

This record is destined for this everlasting impression. The sonic injection of the heavy beats will move you, this record is laced with dance-able compositions that touch on sentiment and reflection and still cut this fun and adventurous path.

Pre-order the album now https://certaintimes.bandcamp.com/album/desire


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