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Bayonne Releases Third Studio Album “Temporary Time” – Out Now | Album Feature

May 27, 2023
Photo Credit: Eric Morales

Bayonne Releases Third Studio Album “Temporary Time”

One of our favourite artists is seeing in the Summer months with the release of his explosive third album. Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers has now released his third studio album, Temporary Time, which officially dropped May 26th via  Nettwerk.

With this new record, Bayonne seemingly captures more emotion. Embedded to the absolute core of each release within this mighty album, Bayonne delivers this emotive detail that is fabricated to the vision. Every hypnotic element, every tonal choice that cascades through the album, the depth of the lyrics and the consuming atmosphere throughout, reaches out to the audience and showcases this immense ramification of the affection that moves this stirring album. Bayonne‘s voice is here to be understood, heard, connected to, and above all appreciated.

“Temporary Time” captures this progression to the vital artist, the music fills the world with this accessible understanding. Bayonne has always managed to develop each composition from the ground up, weaving vital intricacies throughout the structures, elevating this ambience piece by piece, texture by texture. From start to finish, this advancement to such essential complexities, they stand tall, all on offer, all dynamically shown to enhance these immersive landscapes, but rightfully embedding this maturity to the arrangements. All 9 tracks flow effortlessly from one to another, each exploring this adventurous characteristic, presenting this world, this story, and lyrics ready to be embraced.

This record speaks of fragility and ultimately feels an honour that Bayonne has dropped this protective guard to fearlessly allow the audience into their world, ready to grasp the intimacies.

“Temporary Time” is a vivid and cosmically captivating record, each track vast, consuming and capturing the best of this evolving musician. Each track embraces such a cathartic drive. Delve into the attentive loops and mesmeric passages, take hold of the heart and ample sincerity that resonates throughout, and you won’t be disappointed.

Order Temporary Time on limited edition electric blue vinyl HERE. 



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