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Washer Share “Blammo” Taken From New Album “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends” Out April 28th on Exploding In Sound

April 20, 2023

Washer Share “Blammo” Taken From New Album “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends

Out April 28th on Exploding In Sound

Next Friday, Washer will release their third LP, Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends on longtime label home Exploding In Sound. The band, which is composed of singer/guitarist Mike Quigley and drummer Kieren McShane, have released two singles so far, “Not Like You” and “King Insignificant, which have seen coverage from outlets like NPRStereogumTreble and Uproxx who praised the lead single as “a remarkable return.” Now, the band are sharing a final single from the record, a track called “Blammo.” 

Washer draws the listener into their consuming energy, captured within every element that creates the track “Blammo”. It’s raw, raucous, and angular. The movement meanders through this unpredictable voyage, alternating stop-starts, immense drum shuffles, this powerful phaser tone brutally capturing the scratchy and swirling essence of the melodies, and above all this surge into intensive peaks. The band blasts this aggressive volatility into their track and the vocal notes provide this alluring depth to the atmosphere, equal parts fierce and moving. The dizzying appeal captures the character of Washer, they continue to enthrall.

“‘Blammo’ is kind of about shifting your perception of time, and ultimately being grateful for any indication that time passes,” Quigley explains. “It’s easy to get caught in the monotonous day-to-day drudge and feel like nothing has happened, and then look around and realize you’re old. Better to think of time as fading in the distance, with the future coming from behind you with no real way to know what’s coming. Even unpleasant, slimy things sneaking up on you at least let you know you’re still moving through it.

In support of the record, Washer will be touring the East Coast in early May, shortly after the album’s release. Full details can be found below.


1. King Insignificant
2. The Waning Moon
3. Threadbare
4. Not Like You
5. The Itch
6. Chowderhead
7. Death of an Empire
8. Answer To Hell
9. Three Jeers
10. Fail Big
11. Coward
12. Blammo
13. Grift on Repeat
14. Cheap Therapy

Tour Dates
05/04 – Brooklyn, NY @ Purgatory w/ Paper Bee, Raisalka, Bummer Camp
05/05 – Worcester, MA  @ Distant Castle w/ Paper Bee, Big Mess
05/06 – Highland Park, NJ @ Pino’s w/ Paper Bee, Civic Mimic, Teen Idle
05/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ Planet Earth w/ Paper Bee, Jack Tomascak’s Future Interior 



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