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Discover Part Time Signals – New Single “The Man” Out April 5th via Bubblewrap Collective | Single Preview

April 3, 2023
Photo Credit: Jacob Church

Discover Part Time Signals

New Single “The Man” due April 5th via Bubblewrap Collective

Part Time Signals is the brand new project formed by Sock vocalist and guitarist Jacob Church. The band came together initially by taking demo seeds written by Jacob, which were then planted into a musical garden when introduced to a live band setting. Part Time Signals features the talents of Sam Barnes (bass), Gavin Jenkins (drums) and Michael Blanchfield (keys). 

The first taste of music from the band, The Man, will be released across all digital platforms on April 5th, ahead of the release we share our single preview below. The track was recorded at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, mixed by Sam Barnes and mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi.

Jacob explains the meaning behind the song: “The Man is whoever you want it to be. Maybe it’s that delivery driver throwing your parcel about, maybe it’s your landlord increasing your rent, maybe it’s the Tory government. Perhaps all of the above?”.

The new single lifts the audience, immediately the guitar rhythms and the clear cymbal hits lure the listener into the center of the soundscape. Surrounding them with this bright energy and tonal warmth which provides this instant connection.

The track floats through this carefully committed angular spirit, whilst the atmosphere grows, the striking vocal melodies and the expressive range penned throughout the journey add this immersive and powerful touch. Scratchy notes injected with fierce traction push the power to another level and provide clear blazing detail to the energy in the release then the keys scale through the atmosphere, elevating the exploration further.

This song moves through this soulful evolution, changing through the softer guitar structure, emphasized by the meticulous biting bass notes pushing the complexity further. From the vocal harmonies to the balancing ferocity tipping the intensity from start to finish, this new track solidifies the potential and excitement of Part Time Signals.

The new single displays this full spectrum of sound, bolting through this dynamic journey that feels familiar due to the tonality of the instruments and the vivid recording quality.

You need the single, pre-save “The Man” in advance now-

Catch Part Time Signals performing live at Porters, Cardiff on 26th April.

The artwork photo is by Jacob Church with typography and layout by Rich Chitty.

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