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Discover Mt. Yonder – Debut Single “Domino Day” Out Now | Single Feature

April 9, 2023

Introducing Mt. Yonder

Debut Single “Domino Day” Out Now

Uniting members of Blakfish, The Broken Oak Duet, &U&I, Shapes & The Cape of Good Hope, all musicians which have frequented this platform over our established presence, now this ultimate collective unite in the form of Mt. Yonder. You know you’re about to discover something truly advantageous.

The quality of the creativity and the new recording the outfit has just shared, this all-star band is destined for great things. Mt. Yonder has already solidified its enthralling status and confirmed they are the ones to watch, the new single “Domino Day” which is out today, April 9th, will rightfully cast this collective into their essential territory.

Mt. Yonder consists of Steve Bachelor – Guitar, Gavin Filmer – Bass, Howard Kenny – Guitar and Vocals, and Robert Wisely – Drums. The band was born from an idea that arose when the musicians were at a bit of a loose end, Howard wanted to explore a new setup for his original material.

Speaking of the formation, Mt. Yonder shares:

We shared thoughts and inspirations over a stream of messages and met for a drink and to chat over the idea. There, we established a shared vision for something almost noise-rock-esque, but with melodic vocals. We also wanted to experiment with tunings that might open up new sonic possibilities, all based around fairly straightforward structures and driving riffs.

Mt. Yonder was born of a need for release. Four backgrounds are spent in overlapping circles of eclectic scenes, coalescing to create an urgent sound that is centered around the immediacy of angular rock, whilst retaining a focus on melody.

The outfit recorded the first 2 tracks with Dave Draper (Kerbdog, The Wildhearts, They Fell From The Sky) during a one day-session back in February.

Today, the band unveil the explosive debut single “Domino Day” which is streaming below.

The new single will instantly captivate. The tonality of the guitars sweeps in and delivers this intoxicating appeal, this call, and response rhythm bursts into this immense perfectly panned chaos and immediately the audience is centered into the heart of this raucous journey.

The angular passages and prominent direction of this release carry this intense aggression with such clarity. As the power is captured so clearly and the track alternates through the heavier inclinations, shifting with this dynamism into the wealth of abrasive passages. The track continues to grow, with ferocious hooks and elevated drum shuffles, and the driving guitar fluctuates with this devouring nature. The thunderous bass throughout weaves this course depth to the ensemble, belting the notes and distinguishing this complexity from the fierce release.

The vocal notes guide the intensity and deliver this nostalgic appeal, channeling the affection and allowing the harmonic delivery to expand toward the cathartic crescendo.

Mt. Yonder in just over 2 minutes has produced this infectiously contagious landscape, this sonically obliterating nuanced instrumentation propels the listener head-first into the crashing rhythms entwined with the somersaulting riffs. Mt. Yonder has released a track that resonates with this crucial attribute, delivered with this furious energy. A rousing and chaotic composition characterized by volume and this array of vivid textural tones, embracing this timeless essence.

Blown away by this debut single, we already need more from this band. New music is planned to drop later this year and you can catch the band performing at this year’s ArcTanGent festival, Thursday 17th August.

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