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Cruush Release Debut EP “Wishful Thinker” – Out Now via Heist Or Hit

April 14, 2023
Photo Credit: Aneela Siddiqui

Cruush Release Debut EP Wishful Thinker

Out Now Via Heist or Hit

Manchester shoegaze risers cruush have now released their debut EP Wishful Thinker out via Heist or Hit.

I guess you can say our music has the sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher” goes the droll mantra from cruush vocalist & front-person Amber Warren.

Teaming up with tastemaker label, and fellow Mancunians, Heist or Hit – responsible for launching the careers of Her’spizzagirlEades and more – offers cruush the chance to spread this message far and wide. 

Meeting at a “shitty Fresher’s event” Amber and guitarist Arthur Boyd formed a connection, and began to jam the early tunes that would serve as a helix for the band’s genetic information. Joined by drummer Fotis Kalantzis – initially not invited because Amber wanted drums ‘like Bon Iver’” – and later by bassist Ru Cowl, they set about repackaging shoegaze’s secret blend of verbs-in-crisis to reflect modern sensibilities. The result is shoegaze by digital natives, a generation for whom pluralism is commonplace. cruush are therefore half memory and half anticipation; pulling at the grandeur of the genre they love, while lacing the punch with a contemporary aesthetic. Think the delicacy of Wolf Alice whipped in the cyclonic guitars of My Bloody Valentine.  

Their new EP will amaze you.

The EP kicks off with its namesake, swirling the listener into the melodious atmosphere filled with rich tones, and shimmering rhythms exploring the vast landscape. cruush  kicks off their new collection with this darker arrangement, Amber’s ethereal vocal tones create this affectionate drive into the release which molds the track into this pure haunting character. The outfit welcomes its listeners into the center of its complex ambiance that emits this flawless attention to the expressive inclinations of this vision.

Hooked on the first few bars of the first release, you’ll be sticking out this journey for it will inspire. And with that, the second track emerges. Growing Silver shifts the mood and allows each musician to up their aggression. The release follows this coherent journey where abrasive intensity is tackled.

Stick In The Mud follows, commencing with the resonating drums that ricochet in the immersive atmosphere that immediately engulfs the audience, those carefully placed spacious drum hits dig deep into the mammoth ensemble. The robust tonality shines, the guitar rhythm leads the melody and with these mass fierce textures, the hooks captivate. The hypnotic intonation and gravitating passages grow with such fervor, the swirling motion enhances that mesmeric appeal. The delicate vocal harmonies soar above the gritty and raucous world and showcase that cruush has masterfully crafted another complex composition. An outfit that explores such an enthralling commitment to their vision, you’ll be blown away.

Next up Features, which was unveiled a couple of weeks ago and effortlessly propels the outfit into new depths, proudly showcasing the range this band is covering within their vision. Tender tones stir to commence with, and the delayed notes and piercing picks swirl through the very fragile landscape, accompanied by ethereal vocal harmonies. The harmonies alter throughout the course, showcasing this powerful range whilst oozing this raw character. The drums roll in and the intensity picks up, cruush  dominates their vision and keeps the audience hooked on the shifting course throughout. Alternating between softer, tender traits to more blazing attributes. This release explores a more personal insight into the lyrical journey. The track embraces volatility, fearlessly exploring this landscape that lays all out to be embraced by the listener.

The EP ends on the ferocious “Sombre By The Weekend“, the single which was previously unveiled back in November 2022, the journey finishes on the blazing track that allows the fierce energy to explode. With this composition, the band explores such an enthralling commitment to their vision, that energy will blow you away. Immediately the soundscape swoops in and displays the mammoth landscape, the complex instrumentation commences and sweeps you amongst the plentiful textures. This is quite a daring arrangement filled with thick, drifting guitar tones and this raucous tempo. Swirling through the lo-fi vocal notes before the lyrics expand their expressive journey, the tender tones are somewhat emphasized by the deep bass notes adding further dexterity to the release. The harmonies are joined by scratchy hooks. Melodious ethereal vocal harmonies sway amongst the vast wall of sound, drifting through the high intense passages and then gently alternating from the forefront of the production to the background when the raw attributes blaze.

The new EP is remarkable, this powerful collection of stirring ensembles. This outfit has promise, power, and this palpable authenticity. cruush creates the most volatile landscape that connects to the listener through the immense emotive values that resonate throughout. This outfit marries beauty with ferocity, they are only just into their musical career and yet exude the confidence and creativity of established band years into their course. “Wishful Thinking” is a stand-out climatic effort fused with subtle modernity and this long-lasting influence.




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