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Chiyoda Ku Set To Release Sophomore Album “Selecta Perspective” April 21st | Album Feature

April 8, 2023
Laura Jones

Chiyoda Ku Set To Release Sophomore Album “Selecta Perspective” April 21st

Album Review

We feel incredibly lucky that we witnessed one of Chiyoda Ku‘s very first live shows back in 2014, fast forward through relentless touring, an EP launch, launch shows, their EP selling out in our online store, traveling up and down the country on the show circuit, relocating the outfit, life in a van, festivals, their debut album launch, their music on vinyl, live sessions and a tremendous 9-year journey for this trio. We’ve had the pleasure of rightfully watching this outfit grow, each musician’s creativity prospers and their fan base continuously grows.

Life in close quarters and experiencing the very highs and lows on this journey did result in a hiatus for the three-piece, but these adventures have defined the very characteristics and progression of a collective growing, embracing maturity and visiting these life lessons on their highly anticipated follow up album, 6 years from their debut, we are now weeks away from the release of their 9-track album “Selecta Perspective”. A record that captures the courage of this outfit, the resilience, and their expansive vision.

Chiyoda Ku embarks on a journey that still captures their instrumental inventiveness, but this outfit takes great strength in stepping out of their comfort zone and allowing a heavier approach to their sound, adding a vocal avenue from Callum Oak, a further bridge that cements emotive connection from their world to their audience.

Cover Art © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Lead single and album opener “Deal With It” was the first taste of the new material, dropping the track last month and proudly reigniting the love for this band.

Deal With It” starts with this hypnotic and angular rhythm, looping with this precise magnetic draw, elevated with the paced shuffles and enthused percussive breakdowns. The whirling bass notes edged the depth of this expansive ensemble. Each musician further develops the complexity of the alluring release by adding various layers to the track. The atmosphere begins to shift with this serious gust, introducing higher pitches, immense textures, and the introduction to Oak’s robust vocal notes. The vocals solidify this aggressive and challenging nature, perfectly positioned amongst the rapturous hooks and ardor of this composition.

Chiyoda Ku retains that math touch with the pinging patterns and the heightened hits, but the three-piece are bouncing from one another with this outstanding force and creating this chaotic collision of aggressive intensity, uniting on the melodic front but fearlessly exploring more gritty tones, producing such mighty structures.

This compelling unison continues for the following tracks, the audience is here to embrace such a vigorous vision.

Sachet” sweeps into play with this fierce lashing, throwing the track into what feels like it’s explored part way of the essential theme. Chiyoda Ku embeds its power immediately, enthralling with the forceful friction and harmonic patterns lacing this release. We are only 2 tracks in and the outfit has found its voice, they’ve found its volume as the track distinguishes a more abrasive touch with far-reaching, deeper grooves. Lyrically giving this air of discontentment whilst the tones weave this infectious method. Softer guitar scales pull through and shift the intensity, adding this dazzling effect. Whilst the drum blazes through the kit, continuously adding to the vigor, notably the striking recording quality places Drummer Toby Green at the center of this voyage, this feels like Green, and the drum kit is at the center of your room, playing personally to the listener.

For Your Safety” takes this post-punk view, this unruly composition proudly offers the musicians’ take on the premium of progression. This unpredictable journey consumes you, and the energy overwhelms you. The power strikes and the volatile stop-starts keep your attention peaked on the frivolous consuming cadence. It’s an almighty arrangement with this seductive and dark touch igniting the mood.

Elsewhere, tracks like “Slipping” infuse this commanding melancholy burning into the formation resonating from the specific vocal melodic tones, lifting the severity with the piercing guitar notes and wailing feedback fighting to be heard. As the fast-paced time signatures swoop and alternate, and the power fluctuates, this track confirms this downright revelatory essence. What commences as ferocious courses through calmer passages, threading affection through the keys, controlling the vibe and the array of feelings fuelling this ensemble. That affection oozes into “Never Left Nowhere“, the cymbal hits feel spacious, resonating into the tender atmosphere that develops from the guitar notes alone. The darker textures expand, and the elongated notes carefully piece the hooks.

Halfway through the record, it’s clear that the previous genres you would assign earlier Chiyoda Ku to, are obsolete. Here is an outfit that no longer requires any classification, the musicians have matured, and as has their talent, they are simultaneously none of these earlier influences, they are however a must-embrace experience.

There It Was” punches into play, immediately propelling the listener into the colossal and damning development. The raw power throughout the release is intoxicating. Charlie Barnes lets his guitar patterns move with this softer slide, the tone raves this intimacy, and the guitar is allowed to speak, playing off the space before the dotted notes intertwine and the loop shortens, intensifies, and molds into this experimental enhancement.

Heading towards the final few tracks “Its Got To Go” shines as the maddest and more melodic of tracks, a quick-paced industrial release that keeps the charisma of Chiyoda Ku. Before the penultimate track embraces this more sonic delicateness. After the previous tracks are created with a level of obscurity, filled with ardent, angular riffs and dangerous power, the final two tracks explore calmer territories, focusing on the alluring layouts and resonating tones, equally as appealing, all completely unique.

Chiyoda Ku are back to take the world by storm. Their new album cements the outfits’ more accessible music and most vivid explorations. The musicians are building their world upon this vast array of complex textures and this aggressive sound, their body of work connects to all, the themes explore life, and the emotional currents electrify the soundscapes.

Be sure to pre-order your copy of their album on vinyl via bandcamp – https://chiyoda-ku.bandcamp.com/album/selecta-perspective-2



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