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Cassels Release New Single “About Not Writing” From New Split 7″ With Beige Palace – Out Now via God Unknown Records / Human Worth | Single Feature

April 7, 2023
Photo credit: Josh Tarn

Cassels Release New Single “About Not Writing” From New Split 7″ With Beige Palace

Out Now via God Unknown Records / Human Worth

Cassels have shared a new single, About Not Writing. The song focuses on paranoia and anxiety inspired by the covid lockdowns.

Guitarist and vocalist Jim Beck explains: “As someone with low-level anxiety about going outside, I really enjoyed the first few weeks of lockdown. However after a while I could feel myself starting to go weird. Writing became much harder when every experience and interaction was reduced to a screen. In the end all there was to write about was the act of writing itself. That, and the daily inertia. Sitting around in my pants, watching the days slip away. It was an odd time.”

Cassels commence their new track with these boisterous drum fills and the scratchy notes lacing the complex depth to the composition. The fills flirt with the tonality, each instrument crashing together with this clear chemistry. The rolling percussive push, the crisp high hat, the thunderous rhythms, and Cassels‘ flawless ability to allow the vocal notes to glide over the chaos, immediately Cassels grab your entire attention.

The track ups the intensity, darting into these fast-paced abrupt breakdowns and momentous angular passages. The duo delivers this monolithic movement, the pair weaves this abundance of aggressive textures and the scale of this release will blow you away.

A mammoth track that instills that specific time, it’s raw, and heavy in every single way, from the lyrical theme to the ferocious journey, Cassels produces this epic soundscape unafraid to let the boundaries go and to channel the lyrics through such a colossal structure.

The track fits perfectly on the new split release with Leeds-based Beige Palace, as their single “Waterloo Sublet” proudly offers this unrelenting creation, angular and almighty. A harsh landscape alternating between dual vocals and various levels of aggravation and anarchy.

Cassels are described as not one to shy away from weighty themes, the band explore these intense emotions in trademark acerbic fashion. Jim’s sardonic delivery is underpinned by a unique blend of experimental art punk; switching seamlessly between The Rapture-style dance grooves and fully-blown noise assault à la A Place To Bury Strangers or early Swans. With this latest evolution, the band have become even harder to define.

Originally hailing from rural Oxfordshire, the two siblings (Jim and drummer/vocalist brother, Loz) have been playing music together since long before their voices broke. Over the past few years they have made a name for themselves in the underground, steadily building a devoted fanbase through incendiary live shows in sticky-floored venues across the UK and Europe.

They’re set to hit the road again in the coming days. Catch them in the following cities.

Poster designed by Alex Fullerton 

Upcoming Cassels live dates:

09 April – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

10 April – Botanique, Brussels

11 April – Trefpunt, Gent

12 April – L’International, Paris

13 April – Quai M, La-Roche-sur-Yon

14 April – La Bateau Ivre, Tours

15 April – La Bulle, Lille

18 April – The Social, London (SOLD OUT)

Tickets are on sale now: http://casselstheband.com/live 

Get the 7″ from- https://cassels.bandcamp.com/album/cassels-beige-palace-spilt-single


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