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Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Release New Single “Chew”

April 1, 2023
Photo credit: Charlie Harris

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Release New Single “Chew”

Making a thunderous return to form, Cardiff alt. rock outfit Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have shared the new single “Chew,” their first release since acclaimed debut album Backhand Deals arrived in 2022. Pulling at more contemporary threads than ever before, “Chew” sees Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard adding a glorious layer of fuzz to the sound that endeared a legion of fans to their Welsh Music Prize nominated Backhand Deals.  

“Chew” blazes into play with captivating hooks and epic riffs and the audience is fixated on this mighty arrangement. As the track builds there is an immediate introduction to the fuzz, furry, and biting abrasiveness lacing the depth of this ensemble.

The new track feels very explosive, it’s mammoth on every level, and the audience embraces the fuzz-fuelled exploration. Compelled by the melodic vocal notes which keep the signature Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard characteristics, the vast scale of this release can be compared to that of a Ty Segall classic.

The raucous new release captures the flawless magic of this outfit and its renowned energy. The track encapsulates this wealth of hammering rhythms, raw textures, and this addictive harmony. Whilst the familiar 60s psych elements are within the landscape, it’s clear that Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are ramping up the intensity, introducing a new level of hard-hitting rock into their vision. Powerful, innovative, and complex, this outfit is destined to reach even more with their new tantalizing sounds.

Inspired by frontman Tom Rees’ teen obsession with The White Stripes (and Black Sabbath), “Chew” ushers in an exciting new era for the band. The new single also has a special subject at its heart, as Rees explains: “I always wanted to write a song for my dog Norma but could never really get it right, it was always a little weird doing a love song to an animal. Instead I wrote a song about how empowered and inspired I feel when people see Norma and cross the street or pull their children in close to them or open their eyes really wide and skip a little to one side. I love that people find her terrifying, she’s so sweet it’s just super funny.”  

“Chew” is the first taste of new recording sessions conducted at the band’s Cardiff base Rat Trap Studios; a creative hub which has established Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard as an integral part of the blooming Welsh indie scene. Rat Trap also provides a home for Tom Rees’ as a fast-rising producer, where he has worked with the likes of Do Nothing, The Bug Club and Panic Shack. 

Since forming in 2017, the Cardiff-based four-piece – the aforementioned vocalist and guitarist Tom Rees, guitarist Zac White, drummer Ethan Hurst and Rees’ brother and bassist Eddie – have become one of the most talked-about new bands in the U.K. Driven by an exciting, dynamic energy presented at a host of magnetic, hype-building live shows, the band’s critically-acclaimed debut The Non-Stop EP was released in summer 2020.

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