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Body Of Light Share New Single “This Conversation” Taken From New Album “Bitter Reflection” Due June 30th via Dais Records

April 18, 2023
Photo by: Jamie Parkhurst.

Body Of Light Share New Single

“This Conversation”

The song appears on their new album Bitter Reflection, out June 30th on Dais Records

Bitter Reflection, the fourth album by brothers Alex and Andrew Jarson aka Body Of Light, further hones their smoldering strain of tempestuous synth-pop into a transformative suite of anthems, reveries, and reckonings.

The band have shared details of their forthcoming album “Bitter Reflection”. Written in the wake of 2019’s neo-EBM classic Time To KillBody Of Light sifted inspiration from hidden moments within their own arcana– childhood tapes, home movies, abandoned demos– asking themselves the question: “How can we make this grow?” Sampled snippets of voice, noise, synth, and field recordings flicker in the periphery of Bitter Reflection‘s 11 tracks, murmuring like nostalgias half-forgotten, or displaced memories. This is music pulled between twin flames of truth and desire, romanticization and reality, catharsis and control, born of a bond sealed by years, dreams, and blood.

Working with Telefon Tel Aviv co-founder Josh Eustis in Los Angeles, Body Of Light incorporated an expanded array of live instrumentation – piano, bass, saxophone, acoustic guitar – in addition to vintage Akai samplers, Moogs, and archaic hardware to Bitter Reflection, giving the albm an eclectic, unpredictable palette. 

A new age demands new waves, and Body Of Light belongs at the forefront of a resurgent generation fusing modern methods with the sounds of futures past. Singer Alex Jarson sees their muse clearly, at the axis of anguished transition, temporal collapse, and, just possibly, the brink of hope: “Time is dysphoric. The dream breaks down. Everyone’s beginning to panic, but in the end something will come from it.”

Today the band share their new single “This Conversation” taken from the forthcoming record.

The initial tones scope out the structure and lay down the crucial notes to build the immersive atmosphere, the tones lift the volatility. There’s this clear bounce hitting the soundscape reflecting from the jaunty notes and the obscure yet light synth tones. Whilst the brooding vocal harmonies mirror this dark new wave pop from the 80s, forging this identity that compels, and bring this relatability, the synth tones were chosen, giving this innovative spin to the creation. As you are hooked on every element creating this powerful arrangement, the lyrics along with that expansive harmonic delivery, simply inject emotion into the release, a striking contrast from the mood that the textures have forged. It’s that

Bitter Reflection is out on June 30, 2023 via Dais Records.  Pre-orders are available here and the band will be playing select shows leading up to release date.

Body Of Light, on tour:

5/21 – Phoenix @ The Van Buren for Near Dark Festival

6/13 – El Paso, TX @ The Reagan

6/15 – Fort Worth @ Tulips w/ Choir Boy

6/16 – San Antonio @ Vice Versa w/ Choir Boy, SRSQ

6/17 – Austin – Oblivion Access @ Empire Control Room w/ Drab Majesty, Choir Boy etc.

6/18 – Houston – Warehouse Live w/ Choir Boy, SRSQ

Bitter Reflection track listing:

Get It Right

Strike the Match

This Conversation


Bitter Reflection

Out of Season

Never Ever

On This Day


Las Repose


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