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The Toms Set To Release Reissue Self-Titled Album Out March 10th via Feel It Records

March 7, 2023

The TOMS Set To Release Reissue Self-Titled Album

Out March 10th via Feel It Records

Back in 1979, the TOMS self-titled album was released, a project by New Jersey musician Tommy Marolda. The album was recorded in his home studio with Tom playing all the instruments himself.

Since its release, the record has become legendary. Described as a highly prized treasure amongst power pop fans around the world, at least those lucky enough to discover it. Beatlesque melodies abound on a record that sounds anything but lo-fi. ( –John M. Borack, Author, Shake Some Action 2.0: An Updated Guide to the 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums)

Feel It Records is set to re-release the album on March 10th which will also include an updated, 11 bonus tracks.

The remastered release features- Tracks 1-12 originally issued as The TOMS LP in 1979 by Black Sheep Records. Tracks 1-19 were originally recorded in September 1979 at Songgram Recording Studio in Mercerville, New Jersey. Tracks 20-23 from the Songgram archives. Track 24 recorded by Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits) – originally intended to be used in a film titled ‘My American Boyfriend’.

Immediately from the first track you embrace this immense energy, elevated and enthused. The entire record exudes such a unique relentless energy that moves the audience with this vivid commitment. This record deserves the limelight once more, this voyage is ready to be rightfully experienced by more. Whether it’s revisiting The TOMS or it’s your first listen, the sheer abundance of vibrant melodies, affection, and addictive qualities captivate with this devouring power.

The musician carefully set out to create this record imitating life, capturing soulful intent from each instrument played and lacing the vision with an array of emotions that fuse with this up-tempo motion, the rhythms, and the harmonies combine and the results are simply dazzling. Dreamy guitar hooks, clear percussive shuffles, and this rich tonality that so many strive for. The album is a tapestry of different emotions whilst this heightened portrayal of innocence cuts through the intimate words.

A truly exhilarating collection that needs to soar in 2023, forever emerging as this absolute classic, imaginative, tantalizing, and everlasting. May old fans and new fans connect to this boundless album.




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  • Reply Tommy Marolda March 16, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    Thank you so much for your support! This means so much to me and my young daughter…

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