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Terry Share New Single “Gronks”- New Album “Call Me Terry” Out 14th April via Upset The Rhythm

March 5, 2023
Oscar Perry


Listen to new single “Gronks”

New album, Call Me Terry
Due out 14th April on Upset The Rhythm

Melbourne post-punk wags Terry return this Spring with their fourth album, Call Me Terry, due 14th April on Upset The Rhythm.

Following “Gold Duck” earlier in the month, “Gronks” is the second single from their long-awaited new album.

Of the song, Terry’s Al Montford says, “Gronks is a song about opportune wealth grabs, neo imperialism and entrenched colonialism. Twiggy forrest, Gina Rinheirt, the ghost of Macquarie, Flinders and Cook all sailing up the Parramatta River – “Greet me from the banks you gronks”. Or, The Mekons – Amnesia “I forgot to forget to remember”.

The tantalizing tunes of Terry just enthrall, with the new release “Gronks” their abrasive melody burns through the landscape as the outfit creates this vibrant, vivid world. The robust rhythms loop and carve out this mesmeric course for the release. The brooding vocal notes emerge and fly above the patterns of this release, through these attributes and the tonality choice, the band has captured this really pure authenticity of Terry. Terry delivers this profound array of infectious textures, moving beats, and this mighty moving vocal harmony.

Terry is made up of pairs Amy Hill & Al Montfort, and Xanthe Waite & Zephyr Pavey who started playing together for the fun of it in 2016. Seven years, four albums and three EP’s later, Terry is ready to pick up the phone again. Over the past few years Terry have kept themselves busy – but not only with Terry things. On top of numerous releases with alternating side projects (Constant Mongrel, The UV Race, Primo!, Sleeper & Snake, Chateau, Rocky, the list goes on… ) members of Terry have moved interstate, undertaken studies, had children and started new fields of work.Terry began sharing the demos for ‘Call Me Terry’ online with each other in 2020 – as we all did – before getting together in 2021 at their trusty rehearsal space to record the beds. Overdubs were completed at Terry’s homes over the following year. Lyrically, in true Terry fashion, the record wastes no time in scrutinising Australia’s corrupt, colonial history. They sing it loud and sprawl it across the jacket of this record, highlighting the greed, privilege and entitlement of white, wealthy “Australia” which they won’t stand a second for.
Musically, ‘Call Me Terry’ still has the classic Terry sound; the four vocals singing as one gang, sharp guitars and quirky, burbling synths, the rolling bass and drums, all amidst their clever, dancey pop songs. Since day dot it’s been hard to reference a band that really sounds like Terry, which is always amazing. Truly a sound of their own!
But the sugar on top here may just be some of their finest horn, string and piano performances to date – all of which never feel crowded, cluttered or over-involved. More just excellent, necessary melodies. Rest assured Al still gives his famed Fuzz Factory a workout – and throws his tremolo into the pedal chain. It goes off. Tremolo is the order of the day for Amy and Xanthe too who also embrace the wobble, whilst Zephyr keeps the pulse of their politico-pop anchored.
Terry isn’t afraid to call the shots and Terry isn’t afraid to point the finger. Listen to what Terry has to say. ‘Call Me Terry’ will be out April 14th through Upset the Rhythm.


1. Miracles
2. Centuries
3. Gold Duck
4. Balconies
5. Market
6. Golden Head
7. Gronks
8. Jane Roe
9. Excuses
10. Days

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