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Tape Runs Out Shares Video For “90°C”- New Album Out 31st March via Trapped Animal Records

March 21, 2023

Photo credit: Suzi Corker

Tape Runs Out  Shares Video for “90°C”

Debut album Floodhead
out 31st March 2023 via Trapped Animal Records

Tape Runs Out have shared the third single “90°C” from their deubt album Floodhead, due out 31st March on Trapped Animal Records.

The album is an exploratory sonic journey from the mind of band leader Liam Goodrum-Bell. With its roots in indie-rock but featuring an array of instruments, off-kilter time signatures and experimental track structures, the Cambridge band’s sound has earned comparisons to the likes of Radiohead and Explosions In The Sky.

The album’s penultimate track, “90°C”, starts with a cascading guitar intro and verse that leads us to another highlight of the album – a very simple clean break at the midpoint that reminds us we can find an anchor whilst drifting: “When I get back, when I get strong, you’ll be running…” 

Tape Runs Out releases this truly mesmeric creation, built on the substance of tonal tweaks, mammoth passages, and intricate details. Channeling emotion through the soft yet searing vocal notes, delicate but deeply moving. The track opens with the paced drum scuttles building on the movement with the cymbal hits and shuffles, then the intertwining guitar hooks join the atmosphere, adding a quick shift into the expressive nature. The rhythmic leads simply ooze this hypnotic appeal, as the guitar showcases this mesmeric loop, sustaining with this force, the enchanting twinkling notes that glide above add this elevated interest into the creation.

This new record will launch this outfit into the essential status they truly deserve. The depth of complexity within their vision is truly outstanding.

Recorded and produced by Liam and guitarist Dan Dawson at Dan’s home studio, Floodhead thrives off experimenting with different textures and sounds, with each song seeking to be its own microcosm of creativity, delivering its unique part within the whole. The painstaking detail and time spent by Liam and Dan between the initial recording session during the summers of 2021 and 2022 takes the listener on a unique journey through the Tape Runs Out universe.

“The main recurring theme throughout the album is being overwhelmed” explains Liam. “I’m guilty of starting shiny new projects before completing previous ones, which leaves me with a trail of unfinished ideas that all jostle for attention in my head. This inability to see things through naturally leads to feelings of failure and self-resentment.

‘Floodhead’ as a title evokes the sense of being overwhelmed with different thoughts and ideas. It also goes into one of the secondary themes from the album, that of being at the whim of nature. As a word it means the wall of water that precedes a flood, which I thought was an apt representation of how it feels in those moments of existential panic.”

Tape Runs Out are Liam Goodrum-Bell (Guitar & Lead Vocal), Dan Dawson (Guitar), Takeshi Kanemoto (Bass) and Laurence Moore (Drums), Clare Myerscough (Violin & keyboard), Ellie Winter (Hammered Dulcimer).


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