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SQÜRL – Jim Jarmusch & Carter Logan Announce First Ever Studio Album “Silver Haze” out May 5th via Sacred Bones and Share New Single “Berlin ’87”

March 10, 2023
Photo credit: Sara Driver


Announce first ever full-length studio album ‘Silver Haze’
Out May 5th on Sacred Bones

SQÜRL was formed by Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan in 2009 to score Jarmusch’s movie The Limits of Control. Over a decade later, and with numerous EPs and film scores under their belt, SQÜRL are set to release their very first full-length record ‘Silver Haze’ on May 5th via Sacred Bones.
Now, along with the announcement, they share a first look at the record with the densely layered heaviness of “Berlin ‘87”, commenting: “Jim created the basic guitar tracks first in his home studio, with memories of living in Berlin in 1987 floating around him. The tracks were then SQÜRLized by Carter & Randall at Circular Ruin.”

The accompanying video was created by Jem Cohen, who explains the footage saying: “Roaming Central and Eastern Europe soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, backpack crammed with Super 8 cameras, I was deeply moved by the landscape. I couldn’t have guessed some of the footage would surface over a quarter-century later in a film for Jim and Carter’s band. They work hard to forge their expansive sound, with its indomitable beat and secret harmonics. Glad I had that backpack, and to be of service.”

The band add: “SQÜRL is so happy to have a film by Jem Cohen to accompany the first single. He’s one of our favorite filmmakers, and with his magical hands and eyes, he somehow captures the most evocative details that most people don’t even notice. The images he has chosen and shaped so perfectly evoke the feeling of our music, and then elevate it to another level. Our big thanks to you, Jem!”

This track is drenched in obscurity and this harsh light. A dark release that builds to this mammoth scale. Brooding into bolder landscapes as the aggression sweeps in this distinct clarity, piercing tones lash through the heavy textures and the end result is this monolithic masterpiece. This release embroils the best of the heavy noises of punk, garage, doom and psych and the end result is destined to explode.

Silver Haze’ was produced by Randall Dunn, who has also worked with the likes of Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Zola Jesus, and Marissa Nadler, all of whom are artists that SQÜRL cite as inspirations. The album enlists Charlotte GainsbourgAnika, and Mark Ribot as collaborators, resulting in a communal offering that shares an energetic lineage with the New York School of Poets.
‘Silver Haze’ expands on SQÜRL’s passion for creating rich textural sounds, finessed by a keen ear for production. The band is known for playing with everything from analogue synths to broken radios and pulling inspiration from painters, writers, and birds on the street. ‘Silver Haze’ is a poetic journey of spoken words, dynamic instrumentals, drone riffs and distorted effects, one that features tubular bells and a cello in addition to their signature stacks of delay, encircling the listener in a warm oscillation both delicate and devastating.
The announcement of ‘Silver Haze’ comes on the back of sold out live shows across Europe. Originally intended to happen in 2020, the rescheduled dates saw Jarmusch and Logan perform an original live score to four films by Man Ray. More live dates will follow in due course.

‘Silver Haze’ track list:
1. Berlin ‘87
2. The End of The World
3. Garden Of Glass Flowers (feat. Marc Ribot)
4. She Don’t Wanna Talk About It (feat. Anika)
5. Il Deserto Rosso (feat. Marc Ribot)
6. John Ashbery Takes A Walk (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
7. Queen Elizabeth
8. Silver Haze

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