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Sleemo Set To Release New Single “Y.A.N.O” March 31st via Beth Shalom Records | Single Preview Feature

March 23, 2023

Sleemo Set To Release New Single “Y.A.N.O”

Due March 31st via Beth Shalom Records

Single Preview

Ending 2022 with the release of Dog & For The Honest, Norwich heavyweights continue their new chapter with the release of Y.A.N.O. Discussing the narrative of being distracted from everyday life with alcohol and drugs, You Are Not Owned, is released on 31st March through Beth Shalom Records before the band head out on some UK dates with Eat Your Own Head. Having spent the last year developing their sound whilst touring and performing alongside the likes of Jamie Lenman, DITZ, CLT DRP, Torus, Enola Gay up and down the UK, their latest singles signify a new chapter for the band.

Discussing the upcoming single, Sleemo states, “You Are Not Owned is a song about all of us in society being fed drugs and alcohol as a way to distract ourselves from the miserable and mundane life that we have been conditioned and accustomed to. Within this societal construct we have become incognisant to our own actions and we commit terrible behavior in the name of fun in order to absolve ourselves from any culpability. We end up drinking more booze and taking more drugs because they are the solutions forced upon us as a means to justifying the mundanity of life. You Are Not Owned is our call to action to unchain ourselves from the boundaries of living set upon us, to stop procrastinating with our lives and take responsibility for our own ignorances through a persistent non-symbolic experience.”

The new single is nothing short of explosive. The distinct and thunderous low end commences the journey, immediately scoring the depth of this vast, vast world. The melodic vocal notes join alongside the rolling drums and the fuzzy and abrasive notes. A wealth of hooks and hypnotizing harmonies fiercely twist the direction. The new single catapults Sleemo into their imperative voyage.

To capture this heaviness from the effects and for that magnitude to speak through the journey, Sleemo is unafraid to turn to this aggressive nature to capture the purest of intensity. The depth of the low-end, the fervor of the tonality, shakes the speakers and connects to the audience. It’s immensely raucous. The boisterous drum beats lead to this epic shuffle and the wailing feedback piercing through the soundscape. The vocals flow from this melodic grace to a brash, loud eminence, constantly alternating the intensive strides of this colossal creation. Every attribute of this release speaks of chaos, complexity, and this annihilating adventure.

The new track allows Sleemo to challenge their aggression and weave this volcanic power into their vision. Prepare for March 31st, this release is destined to enthrall.




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