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Show Dogs Return Today With The Release Of New Single “Don’t Go In the Water”- Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Feature

March 1, 2023

Show Dogs Return and Release New Single “Don’t Go In The Water”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co

Taken From Forthcoming EP “Y Rhwd Gwelw”

Show Dogs are back and we are so excited to hear more new music from this outfit. No stranger to the site and prepare for more features with the news of their second EP arriving later this month, this is an outfit composed of members of long-standing Cardiff stalwarts TJ RobertsRainbow Maniac and AHGEEBEE. 

Show Dogs are described as melding acerbic observations of contemporary Welsh life with deeply personal reflections, set to a chamber-pop soundtrack.

The band have just released their new single “Don’t Go In The Water” which is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co and streaming below.

Artwork comes from photographer Elijah Lewis Thomas and Ben Wood

Don’t Go In The Water, inspired by the Beach Boys’ own eco-protest song Don’t Go Near the Water, takes aim at the perpetual issue of water pollution on Welsh coastlines. Stemming from lead singer TJ Roberts’ paranoia of living so close to approximately 100,000 tonnes of irradiated mud, melody and lyrics jostle with a nervous energy and shifting intensity; from a delicate sincerity to an ironic apathy. 

The track, a vital protest song, is based on the water pollution in Wales, especially that in the mouth of the Severn, if the striking release captures your attention to this cause, and to stop this happening please visit savethesevern.com, Show Dogs are getting loud for this reason.

Show Dogs · Don't Go in the Water

The countless hooks present themselves immediately, turned on the current of this sweeping release, and the robust melodies move you. The lyrics, are so deep and positioned perfectly amongst the melodious instrumentation, delicate drum shuffles, and elevated tonality.

Show Dogs effortlessly create this important creation that exudes a comforting, familiar warmth, a golden hue to their tones and harmonies, uniting a vital message to the reflective yet rousing textures of their ensemble. Every element emitted into the atmosphere showcases this outfit’s sheer vibrance.

The band continues to move towards more rich and orchestral instrumentation, including a wide array of percussion, vintage synthesisers and twelve-string guitars evoking ‘Village Green’ era Kinks and The Boo Radleys. Engineered and produced by Thomas V Westgard and Secondson (Danielle Lewis, Super Furry Animals) at After Life Studios, the band spent the summer of 2022 recording three EPs the second of which, ‘Y Rhwd Gwelw’ (The Pale Rust) will be released on the 17th of March. Prepare for this date, the first EP was a masterpiece!





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