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Shangri-Lass Announce Debut EP “Over & Over” due 28th April via New Label Redundant Span Records

March 28, 2023
credit Rachael Loomes


Announces debut EP, “Over & Over”, due 28th April on new Sheffield label, Redundant Span Records

Introducing Shangri-Lass – the solo project of Sheffield-based musician and Sister Wives’ bassist, Rose Love. Shangri-Lass makes a striking entrance with her debut ‘Over & Over’ EP, an off-kilter, 60’s girl-group inspired synth pop record with a brooding punk underbelly. 

The EP will be released 28th April on new Sheffield label, Redundant Span. Pre-order here.

Along with the announcement, Shangri-Lass unveils lead single “Parallel”. This dark, psych-pop tune is a homage to the saddest, baddest 60’s girl groups; the lyrics’ hopeful yet ultimately doomed yearning is a perfect match for the trippy dream pop surrounding them.

Grooving bass and a shuffling drum beat hold down the slightly deranged synth stabs, floaty guitars and a vocal melody that sounds a bit like The Shirelles if they’d grown up in West Yorkshire.

Immediately appealing, this retro resonance oozes this captivating touch. The nostalgic atmosphere hooks your attention, and as the track carefully builds with additional layers enforcing the powerful status of the rhythmic composition, the mood shifts when the expressive vocal harmonies join the world. The swooning, hypnotic harmonies lace this vision, adding a clear influx of affection to this melodic arrangement.

The textures and tonal choice command your full attention, venturing into this cinematic suit. As you embrace the lyrics and the harmonies, the note changes inject this mesmeric pulsation to the forefront. With the growing landscapes and the psychedelic twists, this new release is nothing short of striking. Real sincerity and sentiment shine through the overall sound of Shangri-Lass.

Shangri-Lass shares: “Parallel started out as lyrics written years ago at the beginning of a relationship that started intensely and ended badly, leaving emotional carnage in its wake. It’s about loving someone and wanting to help them but ignoring your gut instinct.”

Shangri-Lass is the new solo project from Sheffield-based musician Rose Love as an outlet for her pop sensibilities. Love’s debut EP ‘Over & Over’ is a collection of personal songs written during difficult times over the past few years, plus one cover song – “Dragonfly” by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. Love’s eclectic music taste is clear on this EP as it spans genres from song to song, borrowing moments from 60’s girl groups, 70’s glam rock, Ty Segall-eqsue garage, and French pop.

Rose Love grew up in Leeds, the daughter of hippies turned born-again Christians who ran a church and lived communally with its members. Her parents gave away their best records when they became Christians but a few made it into her childhood and music was a constant, from the 60’s/70’s rock in their collection (Led Zep, Jethro Tull, Van Morrison) to singing worship songs with a live band at church.

Love rebelled against Christianity and got into all kinds of music and the local subcultures really young. At 17, she DJed at her own 50s & 60s-inspired club nights, as well as playing keys in a surf/garage punk band, banjo in a doom-folk duo, and was in a couple of psych-y bands that never left the cellar.

She first picked up the bass guitar when bilingual ‘myth rock’ four-piece Sister Wives formed in 2017 and has since released numerous EPs and most recently a debut album with the band, playing sessions for Marc Riley (6Music), Welsh TV channel S4C plus appearances at Green Man, Deer Shed, Get Together, Long Division and more this summer.

Whilst working in Brazil doing costumes for TV show Black Mirror in 2018, Love fell ill and was later diagnosed with CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. With her usual activities off the table, music became more precious than ever as it got harder to listen to. Too much activity caused fatigue and pain but Love noticed some brief moments of respite when practicing with Sister Wives or when writing songs at home and has found music healing in so many ways during her on-going recovery. She explains, “When you lose life as you know it, you find out what’s important to you and what makes you feel good”.

The EP is produced by Rose Love and Leia Graham (Working Men’s Club, Drenge, Wet Nuns), who also played guitar, and features drums by her brother Joe Love. It was mixed and mastered by Dean Honer (International Teacher’s Of Pop, Moonlandingz, Eccentronic Research Council, I Monster).


1. Parallel
2. Father’s Daughter
3. Dragonfly
4. The Scandal

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