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Red Telephone Release Debut Album “Hollowing Out” – Out Now | Album Feature

March 31, 2023
 Photo by Faith Clarke

Red Telephone Release Debut Album “Hollowing Out

Cardiff-based five-piece Red Telephone have today released their debut 10-track album “Hollowing Out”. The album is described as dealing with themes of alienation, identity and monotony, as well as exploring contemporary social dilemmas such as the trappings of ambition in a saturated pop culture age, the pervasive nature of modern media and social media fatigue.

Formed in 2018, Red Telephone’s richly layered alt-rock could have emanated from a club in Blade Runner’s dystopian LA – combining angular guitars, Krautrock-inspired rhythms and New Wave-tinged synths with infectious pop sensibilities. With previous single releases on Welsh-based labels Libertino Records and the Popty-Ping Recording Company, the band’s highly anticipated debut album is ready for all to embrace.

Red Telephone celebrates the release of their debut album which is now out in the world, and with the new release, they capture this very clear magic. Red Telephone has produced this theatrical record with this infectious sound which is bound to impress new audiences.

10 tracks that take the listener on this immersive excursion, destined to enthrall with the dynamic shifts and powerful melodies and textures throughout. The five-piece combines an array of influences and tonal choices to weave elements of psych, post-punk, dream pop, and art rock, the end result is this mystic collection that exudes such a unique character and this lasting influence. The band unites brooding and darker elements with experimental wizardry, unafraid to let notes dazzle among the dystopian touch, to bring elevated scores which back the melodic movement.

The album opener and title track “Hollowing Out” commences the ambitious record and the immediacy is compelling. This mighty sensation is carried through to the following tracks as Red Telephone plays out these expressive compositions. Vast landscapes consume the audience, each track is more than a journey, and the mood of each creation alters the listener’s mood. It lifts the audience, the album embraces this personal touch and allows the audience to position themselves in the middle of this sonically alluring voyage.

This blazing venture captures this accomplished record that is carefully designed to explore an array of catchy hooks, explosive energy, and subtle nuances, and this overwhelming commitment to the pure pop splendor that simply ignites, this euphoria bursts through the atmosphere and Red Telephone delivers a striking studio debut.

Speaking of the album, singer Declan Andrews said;

While putting together ‘Hollowing Out’ we were really getting into synths; drawing quite a bit on brooding, synth-led film soundtracks like Blade Runner, Scarface and Uncut Gems. Part of this was out of necessity – it was the initial 2020 lockdown when I wrote most of the songs in my bedroom and I’d got my hands on emulations of classic synths which gave me free reign to really explore this territory of sounds. I also had the free time to watch and rewatch a lot of movies such as those just mentioned. All of this definitely crossed over with the band’s prior love of film, Bowie’s Berlin-era sound, his work with Iggy and albums like Little Dark Age by MGMT too. Basically, those dystopian soundscapes that evoke a lot of mood and imagery. As a band we’ve been drawn to them for a while, especially since visiting Berlin and exploring Bowie’s stomping ground (quite run down and not very touristy areas) but also after playing Tallinn Music Week in 2019. The post-Soviet landscape was pretty striking in parts of Tallinn and we discovered bands like Molchat Doma for the first time, who were using synths and electronic elements in ways that got us excited and has definitely rubbed off on our approach since.

We really wanted to integrate these sounds and influences into a modern sounding record rather than just looking back though, so we spent a lot of time getting the bass and low end sounding as big and distinctive as possible – we were really influenced by the likes of Kendrick Lamar in this respect. Similarly, dystopian themes seem as relevant as ever; with the saturated and pervasive nature of modern media which the album explores lyrically, as well as topics like social media fatigue and alienation.

There’s also a big guitar aspect to the sound so it’s not just a synth album. We grew up listening to guitar bands like Arctic Monkeys, so that’s part of our DNA, but while making this we were delving into a lot of R&B, which influenced the use of phased guitar lines and seemed to accentuate the dark and cinematic sound we were after. The most recent Strokes album The New Abnormal had also just come out when we started work on this album and we were listening to it a lot, so no doubt some of those guitar approaches found their way into the sound.

Declan Andrews

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