On Man Announces Remix Album “High Crystal” due April 14th via Houndstooth & Shares First Track “United (Joe Rainey & Andrew Broder Remix)”

March 19, 2023


Announces Remix Album ‘High Crystal’ due April 14th via Houndstooth
First Track “United (Why Can’t We Say Enough) (Joe Rainey & Andrew Broder Remix)” Out Now 

Following the release of his debut album last year, 2022, London-based producer On Man is back with his new remix album High Crystal due April 14th via Houndstooth. The record features reworks of tracks from his debut LP from artists such as Mogwai, Salamanda, Katie Gately, Lotic, The Bug, Throwing Snow & more. Now he is sharing the first single from the record with “United (Why Can’t We Say Enough) (Joe Rainey & Andrew Broder Remix)“.

On the track On Man said “I was mesmerised by the incredible vocals and perfect production of Joe Rainey and Andrew Broder’s album, Niineta, last year. And so I was over the moon when they agreed to remix United (Why Can’t We Say Enough). Joe’s soulful vocals are like a dream version of the original melody, and Andrew’s production is so exciting, guiding the listener in a perfect journey.”

The new remix is tantalizing, a thrilling experience from start to finish. Keeping the immersive elements of the On Man original and adding this new depth to the journey.

On Man’s creative roots lie deep. An artist with a unique gift for sound design, he’s able to conjure perfect pop songs and then corrode them, revealing the emotional truths underneath. An electronic artist with a human touch, he’s worked in the studio for an array of other artists, as well as delivering huge cinematic soundtrack projects, all while pursuing his own solitary agenda. 

On Man’s eponymous debut album was his graduation point, a record framed by grief, the loss of identity, and the process of rediscovery and came out last year via Houndstooth. The songs have now been reworked by a number of notable artists for his album High Crystal, due April 14th. On the new record, On Man said “I’m so grateful to have had such an exciting collection of artists agree to remix my album. From producers I’ve discovered (and become obsessed with) relatively recently, like Wordcolour, Salamanda and Joe Rainey & Andrew Broder, to artists I’ve loved for a long time and who have influenced me in deep, unshakeable ways, like Mogwai and The Bug, they’ve all produced a set of reinterpretations that have surprised, humbled and inspired me in equal measure. It was such a pleasure to arrange these disparate sources into a new and cohesive album to listen to alongside the original.”

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High Crystal track list:
1. Silence Oh Moyle (Salamanda Remix)
2. Survive This (Wordcolour Remix)
3. Squares And Triangles (Katie Gately Remix)
4. United (Why Can’t We Say Enough) (Joe Rainey & Andrew Broder Remix)
5. Darks (Tapefeed Remix)
6. Worse Than It Seems (Ana Quiroga Remix)
7. Side Effects (Lotic Remix)
8. Memento Mori (Hodge Remix)
9. Squares And Triangles (The Bug Remix)
10. Sweet Anticipation (Throwing Snow Remix)
11. Sever (Kloxii Li Remix)
12. Darks (Mogwai Remix)

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