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Nicholas Merz Releases New Album “American Classic” – Out Now via Aagoo Records | Release Feature

March 5, 2023

Nicholas Merz Releases New Album “American Classic”

Out Now via Aagoo Records

Last month, on February 24th, Nicholas Merz released his third studio album “American Classic”, the 12-track album is streaming below and available via Aagoo Records. The new record was born from two years of writing and completes the artists’ trilogy of albums noted as The Duvall Sound.

The record is described as exploring working-class America as a vast, static, and humorous landscape that is blueprinted, carved, replicated, and held immobile by invisible gravities of oppression that are craftily sold as the American Dream. It’s a celebration of the people held and hidden within it who nonetheless gut it out and make America vibrant and real.

Touching on the above as the influences, the album itself screams this personal commitment. In its entirety, “American Classic” embraces this vast array of textures, channeling this tonality that emits a familiar comfort, a credible warmth, and a reflection of the American landscape. The new record triumphantly exudes a raw commitment, and the 12 tracks hook the audience whilst constantly shifting through the adventurous arrangements.

Allow this record to consume you, as you, the listener, take to the journey and experience each of the gritty peaks, the intensive shifts, and the calmer passages, all whilst Nicholas Merz manages to capture such sincerity and charm throughout the space in the album, resonating that sincerity from the structure of “American Classic”.

The album kicks off with opener “The Dixon Deal”, positioned to graciously set sail on this exploratory album, a collection of tracks that elude to a journey you need to feel. Nicholas’ bold, baritone vocal notes cut through the experimental ambiance and find a connection to all those that are here to take the voyage on. As this complex composition starts to build its expressive landscape filled with those unmistaken vocal tones and lyrics, the world captures the deep bass, the brash low-end, whilst this explosive introduction to the saxophone adds such stirring motions to the release. The robust new tones and unpredictable patterns start to fill the soundscape, floating through the world with this powerful, engaging flitter. When the dual harmonies play off one another, they provide this bountiful range, off-setting the dominant harmonies of Nicholas with a sweeter pitch. This is a spacious release that allows the emotions of the atmosphere to firmly cement itself as a powerful foundation for the release, falling back on that volatile ambiance that brings this wealth of attributes.

As the record flows, the melody and percussive involvement found in “Hate, Unbridled” simply impresses, the track captures this clear production style that enhances the truly raw current that takes hold of this entire vision. A raw release penning this intimate affair, you get carried away with the intimacy before the sweeping melodies and lead rhythm emerge, the guitar notes dazzle with the robust tonality- everything touches on that raw movement and the end result is simply timeless.

Merz delves deep into more laidback grooves as the record flows further, introducing soundbites to focus on the personal touches, this dynamic delve into harsher hits and more delicate rhythms. Meandering through narrative styles to powerful chants.

The title track hooks you with melodious power, gleaming into this dissonant and complex atmospherical movement, embracing the few venomous riffs and cherished tones.

“A day in LA” commences with this soothing slide tones and Americana influence before the abrasive and resilient guitar breaks through the hypnotic loops, fiercely striding through the delicate ambiance with this sudden, explosive intro. Jarring the movement with this chaos before the mesmeric touches override the injection and take aim to hypnotize once more.

Through the observations throughout the lyrics, Merz brings this direct appeal, touching on nostalgia, unafraid to touch on fragility, then shifting to fun, charismatic and creative. There really is no boundaries, just a flow to the record and a nod to the influences mentioned above.

As the record ends with this need for validation through the hymn-like harmonies which accompany the final few words, when life comes back into play, you long to be back in that American Classic world once more.

The new record will move you, awaken you and keep you fixated on this expressive world crafted throughout. This is a hugely accomplished record, articulate and vivid.




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