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Moor Mother Shares New Single “WE GOT THE JAZZ” Featuring Kyle Kidd, Keir Neuringer, Aquiles Navarro & Announces  “Jazz Codes Deluxe” out May 19th on ANTI-

March 23, 2023
Photo Credit: Sam Lee


Shares new single “WE GOT THE JAZZ”
   Featuring Kyle Kidd, Keir Neuringer, Aquiles Navarro
Announces ‘Jazz Codes Deluxe’ out May 19th on ANTI-

The composer, poet, vocalist and educator Moor Mother, aka Camae Ayewa, released the highly critically acclaimed album ’Jazz Codes’ in the summer of 2022 on ANTI-. Now she has announced a new digital deluxe version of the record, to be released May 19th, ahead of a performance of ‘Jazz Codes’ in full at London’s Barbican Centre on May 20th. Along with the announcement today, she shares new track “We Got The Jazz” feat. Kyle Kidd, Keir Neuringer and Aquiles Navarro.

What a consuming release, at just shy of 2 minutes this exploration oozes this addictive appeal. Sultry tones and this collection of mighty hooks. Moor Mother is a truly powerful artist, creating these soundscapes that reflect such an intense journey. Capturing the best of Moor Mother qualities, once again the new track provides this abrupt insight into a complex creation that features an influx of manipulated vocal attributes, tentative beats, and percussive layers, and this soulful surge of melody. Every bit moving, affectionate, and truly alluring.

“”We Got The Jazz” is me thinking about how mediocre a lot of popular music is, about its capitalistic structures and how those placements are bought and paid for,” Ayewa said of the song’s meaning. “I’m speaking about the whitewashing of who’s allowed to participate in jazz, who is allowed to participate in poetry, and asking where the room for innovation is, now and in the future. It’s also me thinking about my jazz band, Irreversible Entanglements, and how we’ve toured the world destroying stages, uplifting audiences, and inspiring everyone on the jazz scene with or without recognition. I’m also speaking about my own influence on the culture.”

‘Jazz Codes’ sprung from a book of poems by the same name, a collection written in honor of jazz and blues icons like Woody Shaw, Amina Claudine Myers, and Mary Lou Williams. In a shift from the noise-inflected sound of her previous albums, Ayewa began writing songs with R&B sweetness, songs that asked for singers to accompany her raps and spoken word transmissions. ‘Jazz Codes’ uses free jazz as a starting point but the collection continues the recent turn in Moor Mother’s multifaceted catalog toward more melody, more singing voices, more choruses, more complexity. 

In its warm, densely layered course through jazz, blues, soul, hip-hop, and other Black classical traditions, Jazz Codes sets the ear blissfully adrift and unhitches the mind from habit.  Through her work she illuminates the principles of her multidisciplinary collaborative practice Black Quantum Futurism, a theoretical framework for perceiving and adjusting reality through art, writing, music, and performance, informed by historical Black ontologies.

1. UMZANSI (feat Black Quantum Futurism featuring Mary Lattimore)
2. APRIL 7th (feat Keir Neuringer)
3. GOLDEN LADY (feat Melanie Charles)
4. JOE MCPHEE NATION TIME INTRO (feat Keir Neuringer)
5. ODE TO MARY (feat Orion Sun & Jason Moran)
6. WOODY SHAW (feat Melanie Charles)
7. MEDITATION RAG (feat Aquiles Navarro & Alya Al Sultani)
8. SO SWEET AMINA (feat Justmadnice & Keir Neuringer)
9. DUST TOGETHER (feat Wolf Weston & Aquiles Navarro)
10. RAP JASM (feat AKAI SOLO & Justmadnice)
11. BLUES AWAY (feat Fatboi Sharif)
12. BLAME (feat Justmadnice)
13. ARMS SAVE (feat Nicole Mitchell)
14. REAL TRILL HOURS (feat YungMorpheus)
15. EVENING (feat Wolf Weston)
16. BARELY WOKE (feat Wolf Weston)
18. THOMAS STANLEY JAZZCODES OUTRO (feat Irreversible Entanglements & Thomas Stanley)
19. BLACK HONEY (feat. Lojii & Honeychile) 
20. WE GOT THE JAZZ (feat. Kyle Kidd, Keir Neuringer, Aquiles Navarro)
21. BLACK DUST BLUES (feat. Elaine Mitchener)

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