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Iguana Death Cult Share New Single “Pushermen” & Announce UK Live Dates – New Album due 12th May on Innovative Leisure

March 20, 2023
 credit Tom van Huisstede 

Iguana Death Cult

Share “Pushermen” Single + Video

New album, Echo Palace
due 12th May via Innovative Leisure

 European rock band Iguana Death Cult return with a brand new track entitled “Pushermen“. This new track is the second single off their forthcoming LP, Echo Palace (due 12th May via Innovative Leisure), which was introduced last month with a track entitled, “Sensory Overload.”

Speaking on their newest release, the band wrote:

“This is one of those songs that just sort of happened while fooling around. Talking about it now already feels kind of surreal but we were literally trapped inside my home because of the curfew that was installed due to covid. Guitar in hand, we were reviewing the state of the world and the growing division and distrust we saw not only in the media, but amongst the people we know. Someone joked that we should quit the band and go into the vaccine business and so, we had our chorus. A chorus that ends on a more serious note that we don’t want to be victims of our time. I tried to make the lyrics ambiguous enough that you don’t really know which side the narrator is on. In the end we’re just all people living different lives.”

Pusherman” allows this intricate landscape to intensify, filled with angular tonalities and weaving rhythms. The devouring vocal notes ooze charm across the brash world, scratchy breakdowns, and concise and elevated cymbal hits help keep the momentum of this complex composition.

Iguana Death Cult create this bouncy and bold creation where they hook the audience immediately. The outfit has this remarkable ability to create the most immersive and mesmeric journey that enthralls the audience at every turn. The new film to accompany the track is just as fun and vivid as their arrangement. Capturing this immense energy that soars throughout.

On the track’s video, they continued:

“‘Pushermen.’ It kind of sounds like an action movie doesn’t it? Sadly we came a couple of million short, so Hache came with the idea to do a casting video for a fictional film called: ‘Pushermen.’ The scenes we did were loosely based on the movie ‘Superfly.’ If you know, you know.”

Following the SXSW performances this month, the band will play the UK in April at the following dates-

April 28th – Astral Festival, Bristol, UK
April 29th – Moth Club, London, UK 
April 30th – Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK 


01. Paper Straws
02. Echo Palace
03. Pusherman
04. Sunny Side Up
05. Sensory Overload
06. Conference to Conference
07. I Just Want a House
08. Oh No
09. Rope a Dope
10. Heaven in Disorder
11. Radio Brainwave

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