Hatchie Shares Single “Rooftops (ft. Liam Benzvi)” & Announces Digital Deluxe Edition of “Giving The World Away” out April 7th on Secretly Canadian

March 10, 2023


Announces Digital Deluxe Edition of 2022 album ‘Giving The World Away’
Out April 7th via Secretly Canadian

Hatchie has announced a digital deluxe version of her captivating 2022 album Giving The World Away today, set for release on April 7th via Secretly Canadian. Along with the announcement comes the release of “Rooftops (ft. Liam Benzvi),” a new single written in the time between completing the album and its release.

Hatchie says “I wrote, recorded and mixed Giving The World Away with Joe [Agius] and Jorge [Elbrecht] in 2020, with Joe and I recording in Brisbane and Jorge mixing in Denver. We wrapped everything up in December, with plans to release in April 2022. In the meantime, the three of us were finally all able to get back in a room together in 2021, with no specific plans for the outcome. After five intense writing days in the bitter Denver winter, we ended up with about 12 new ideas, some of which we felt fit perfectly into the world of the long-finished album. It was too late to make any additions at that stage, but we felt it would be a shame for them to not be included in the release. To me, these songs round out the world this album established, with my original intention being to make a more uplifting, energetic record than my first.”

Another truly mesmeric creation with this ambitious arrangement. Filled with this immense range of textures that captivate, the energy of the two musicians creates this vortex of sonically crushing affection.

Hatchie’s second album, ‘Giving The World Away’was released early in 2022 to widespread critical praise. Featuring extensive input from long-time Hatchie collaborator Joe Agius, it takes the celestial, shimmering shoegaze and pop sensibilities of her earlier releases, but with the volume knob cranked up tenfold. Built out with percussion from BeachHouse drummer James Barone, it’s synthed-out, sonic opulence is more structured and ornate musically with traces of ‘90s trip-hop and acid house influences. The album was produced by Jorge Elbrecht with additional co-writing and production by Olivia Rodrigo collaborator Dan Nigro. The digital deluxe edition  includes five new songs including “Rooftops (ft. Liam Benzvi)” and the previously released video Nosedive.”  Fellow Australian Jay Watson (Tame Impala, GUM, Pond) appears on drums on three of the five new tracks: “Rooftops (ft. Liam Benzvi)”, “Cast Aside” and “Dream On (Country Girl)”

‘Giving The World Away’ digital deluxe tracklist:
1. Lights On
2. This Enchanted
3. Twin
4. Take My Hand
5. The Rhythm
6. Quicksand
7. Thinking Of
8. Giving The World Away
9. The Key
10. Don’t Leave Me In The Rain
11. Sunday Song
12. Til We Run Out of Air
13. Nosedive
14. Cast Aside
15. Rooftops (ft. Liam Benzvi)
16. Dream On (Country Girl)
17. The Rhythm (George Clanton Remix)

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