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Eades Return With New Single “Reno Pt.2” | Single Special

March 23, 2023
Photo Credit: Sam Joyce

Leeds quintet Eades return with adrenaline-fuelled indie stomper ‘Reno Pt. 2’

Leeds art-rock quintet Eades return with energetic new single ‘Reno Pt.2’  – the first release since 2022’s acclaimed debut album Delusion Spree. The single drops before they join Wunderhorse for 7 dates of their upcoming UK tour.

The new single is a spirited sequel, continuing where raucous debut album opener ‘Reno Pt.1′ left off. The track follows a sociopathic arsonist from arrest to court case, and his eventual escape “out of the fire, out into the cold!”. 

Lyricist and co-vocalist Tom O’Reilly explains the thematic origins: 

“We thought it would be interesting to see where we could take the original story of Reno, trading in the chaotic setting of a crime scene, for the courtroom drama that followed. It’s a departure from what the band once was, and a taste of what’s to come.”

Frontman Harry Jordan adds a little on the direct sonic links between the sister-tracks: 

“We had a lot of fun tying in little riffs and themes from the original and then twisting them on their head for a new setting. If you listen carefully you can hear the guitar solo from the original buried amongst the noise in the middle jam section with some extra wonk to it.”  

Similarly, the lyrics from the first instalment make up part of the vivid collage, in an approach that also sees the band toy with storytelling occupying that liminal space between poetic and sordid: 

“The final line “Out of the fire, out into the cold” is a mimic of the final line of the original, so it comes full circle. 

As a writer, I’ve become really drawn into the way Lou Reed tells these tales of debauched characters on the fringes of society in the strange settings they find themselves.” 

Dan Clifford-Smith, drummer and the song’s co-producer along with Harry, highlights the influence that rigorous road-testing, largely denied to the band in the past, has had on the development of the song: 

“We’ve been opening our sets with Reno Pt.2 a lot recently. It’s an instant thumper and gets a crowd going, teeing us up for a real humdinger. We have a saying for successful takes of a song that are tracked all the way through without mistakes – big boy takes. Despite tracking everyone individually this time round, this song is riddled with big boy takes giving it some natural live-esque energy”. 

Eades brings this euphoric energy to their explorations, captured in the recording process and carried through to a live setting, Eades executes this immense power which resonates with the listener. Easily one of the most compelling outfits of our time right now.

Continuing on from Reno, Reno Pt.2 keeps that elevated enthusiasm at the forefront of this raucous and dynamic ensemble. That immediate introduction to the punchy riffs and scratchy guitar tone, elevated by the buoyant beats and raw vocal notes. The flirtatious bass notes weave through the dense structure, the guitar rhythms intensify as the darting passages blend and capture this proud electricity. There’s a real authenticity with Eades, they have this effortless ability to create reaching arrangements that bring fun and charisma to the top of their immersive and resilient atmosphere.

This final line points towards the punchiness with which Eades approach everything –  the confidence and zeal has seen them enrapture live audiences over the last 18 months. Heaving, sweaty rooms in Europe for Left of the Dial and Rolling Stone Beach Festival, as well as the UK club circuit, are testament to the joyful communion and camaraderie at the heart of their art-rock, punk and New Wave indebted sound. 

The five-piece close an opening chapter with champions at press (The Guardian, NME, The FADER +) and radio (Steve Lamacq – 6 Music, Jack Saunders – Radio 1, Travis Holocombe – KCRW) well established. In ‘Reno Pt.2’ they’re starting phase 2 with a bang – with plenty of Lou Reed-esque twists and turns promised… 

Eades are Harry Jordan (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar, vocals), Sam Wilde (Bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (Drums) and Tom Barr (Synths, Percussion, Vocals). 

Live Dates 
25th March, Manchester w/ Heartworms 
26th March, Southampton w/ Wunderhorse 
27th March, Birmingham w/ Wunderhorse 
4th April, Oxford – w/ Wunderhorse 
5th April, Brighton – w/ Wunderhorse 
6th April, London – w/ Wunderhorse 
11th April, Bristol – w/ Wunderhorse 
12th April, Cardiff – w/ Wunderhorse 
13th April, Exeter – supporting Hallan 
28th April – Stockton On Tees 
29th April – Leeds – Gold Soundz 
30th April – Glasgow – Stag And Dagger Festival 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EadesMusic   

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