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BIG|BRAVE Release New Album “Nature Morte” – Out Now via Thrill Jockey Records- Album Review | Gavin Brown

March 19, 2023


Nature Morte

New Album Out Now via Thrill Jockey Records

2021 was a pivotal year for BIG|BRAVE, one that saw the band not only release a new album in the sublime and aptly band Vital but also a brilliant collaborative album with experimental metal giants The Body that saw the band’s music explore new dimensions in sound and atmosphere.

Building on the momentum that they had with those releases, and has been building steadily since the band’s first album 2014s Feral Verdue, BIG|BRAVE return in 2023 with their brand new album Nature Morte and it sees the Montreal trio reach even greater heights with their music, and it sounds glorious throughout.

Nature Morte begins with carvers, farriers and knaves and from then on in, the album delves into what makes the music of BIG|BRAVE so special and the feeling that the music gives off is still as exciting as ever. The transcendent nature of the band’s music soars high throughout and the vocals of singer/guitarist Robin Wattie sound as perfect as ever as she pours her heart out over her and the rest of the band’s monumental soundscapes, and the results are nothing short of spectacular, as this is music that heals more than anything.

Songs like the truly epic the one who bornes a weary load and a parable of the trusting contain the haunting but simply powerful melancholy that has defined so much of the music of BIG|BRAVE while the emotive, feedback-laden my hope renders me a fool shows a different kind of sonic power from the band, all the while never losing any of the effect that the music of BIG|BRAVE has.

Nature Morte ends with the comparatively brief but no less powerful the ten of swords, a song that ends this beautiful record on an initially stark but later majestic note and is the perfect send-off to the album, and you will struggle to find a more bittersweet but still hopeful send off on an album this year, or any other year for that matter.

This is an album that shows the true strength and quality of the music of BIG|BRAVE and just how special a band they are, and long may that continue.


Words: Gavin Brown

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