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Night House Teams Up With REID For Stunning New Single “Seatbelt”- Out February 17th | Single Premiere

February 16, 2023

Night House Teams Up With REID For Stunning New Single “Seatbelt”

Out February 17th

Single Premiere

Our readers will know the name Night House already, having featured the immense body of work from electro-folk outfit Night House throughout the last 3/4 years. We are now delighted to welcome the news of a sophomore album due to be unveiled later this year, and even more impressed to share the debut collboartaion from Night House and REID. A stunning 80’s tinged pop anthem which is set to enthrall.

The new single “Seatbelt” is due 17th February and is described as Orchestral flourishes and analogue synthesisers are juxtaposed with angular vocals and captivating melodies. Put the past behind you and let’s drive!

Speaking of the influence and making of the new release, Nick aka Night House shares “I saw REID performing a blend of poetry, theatre and songs and was absolutely blown away by her. It was surreal, out there and like nothing else I’d seen… I knew we had to work together. The next week we went into a writing session knowing nothing about each other but quickly found we had the same humor and oddly similar life experiences. Seatbelt pretty much wrote itself in under an hour. Neither of us expected it but it’s a deeply personal 80’s tinged banger.”

Ahead of the official single release day, we are delighted to share the track streaming in full below. A theratrical composition exploring such mesmeric qualities. The new release showcases this impressive collaboration where the energy of these two compelling artists join to ignite the landscape they’ve so carefully curated. The power pulls you in and keeps your attention fixated on the journey you embark on.

Listen below and don’t forget to pre-save.

The hypnotic electronic cadence carves out the essential structure, and the melody grows and intensifies with each attribute that fortifies the architecture of this immersive ensemble. REID joins the soundscape with the ethereal vocal harmonies and intimate lyrics, captivated by the fervor of the vast range of sweeter notes REID so flawlessly presents, elevated with the dual notes when Nick, Night House joins this musical world, gently soaring into the creation.

Emotional meets evocative in this dreamy composition, the sweeter harmonies ooze affection where as the stirring electronic cadence allows this romanticism to play out amongst the textures and the tonality. Both REID and Night House bounce from one another and resonate from the electro elements, these crucial artists forge their own direct path as individual sonic weavers of this impressive tapestry.

The captivating range of expressive harmonies and euphony from REID‘s vocal range can easily give comparisons to that of Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush or Bjork, however, REID‘s powerful attunements feels very much her own. This cinematic composition bursts with endless hooks and addictive qualities. Night House releases one of the most impactful orchestrations you’ll discover this year. A dream-pop creation of the brightest setting, the considered choice of sweeping tones and complexities elevate this atmosphere whilst the lyrics and harmonies strive to provide a release that is emotionally affecting.

Night House has unveiled the first track from their second album which is due for release later this year, having unveiled something of this quality, prepare to be dazzled by the forthcoming record. What’s clear from the new release is Night House is prepared to thread progression into their vision, creating this euphonic release that delves into a plethora of influences. Night House is prepared to make 2023 the year of this outfit!

Pre-save the single release here https://www.musicgateway.com/presave/seatbelt-2

Seatbelt Launch Party Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/3427665384187682/



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