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Madlen Keys Releases Debut Album “Event Horizon” | Album Feature

February 10, 2023
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Madlen Keys Release Their Debut Album “Event Horizon”

– Out Now

Album Review

Madlen Keys, today February 10th celebrate the release of their magical debut album “Event Horizon”. This cosmic creation welcomes the collection of 8 expressive ensembles’ that unite for this impressive journey. The record is filled with a vast array of sonically pleasing rhythms, touching harmonies, and this addictive path throughout, you’ll be mesmerized by the elusive atmospherics, bewitching soundscapes, and powerful lyrics.

Present from the opener, “The Maze“, poignantly titled for the labyrinth of decadent layers which form this colourful ensemble. From the fruity tonality of the squelchy guitar hooks to the mystical ambiance allowing the carefully placed looped vocal notes and the soft delay on the harmonies to shine. Immediately the audience is drawn to the vastness of the soundscape that Madlen Keys crafts, creating this immersive pull from the hypnotic notes building, repeating and intensifying through the journey. The vocal harmonies flourish through such a compelling range, a range that seems to further explode into the following track “Breathe”.

This outfit has worked on the flawless aspect of their unpredictability, each of their mighty creations provides the audience with this detailed journey to embark on, keeping the attention on the fluctuating complexities of the structure and the immense scale of energy captured with clarity in each vision. Every composition flows with ease and provides a variety of moods, textures, and tempo whilst dynamically shifting through a plethora of serious songwriting to more enchanting elevations.

“Event Horizon” is an entire world within the album’s length, a world that needs you to visit and be a part of, Madlen Keys has created the ultimate adventure that explores so many affections and provides this connection instantly, the atmosphere alters the listener’s mood.  

Mastermind of the band, Caroline Calen offers her first EP In You I’m Lost (2018), now this record offers a follow-up that goes further in its search for hybridity. The new record will solidify the importance of this outfit and the creative stride of this record.

Madlen Keys’ songs are described as designed to retain something organic, hence the choice of live recordings. Calen comments “It’s about getting away from the current trend where any music production that wants to be accessible is “electronified” to the max, and I don’t see myself evolving that way. I want this music to appeal to as many people as possible, from the layperson to the initiated.”

The new album captures this real essence of freshness, innovation, and importance. It’s time to gravitate towards the euphoric and spectacular record, you won’t be disappointed.



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