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Inwards Announce New Album “All The Things You Left Behind” due 23rd June via Rainbow Bridge & Shares New Single “Leavin”- Out Today | Single Special

February 9, 2023

Inwards Announce New Album “All The Things You Left Behind”

due 23rd June via Rainbow Bridge & Shares New Single/ Video “Leavin”

Inwards is one of the finest multi-instrumentalists of our generation. The experimental music programmer hailing from Worcestershire- AKA Kristian Shelley, has rapidly been gaining much-deserved momentum as his musical portfolio grows.

We are delighted to share the news that the electronic producer is back with the release of the new single “Leavin”, the first track to be revealed from the forthcoming album “All The Things You Left Behind”. The new album and track are the first music to emerge from his own label, the newly founded Rainbow Bridge.

Across two albums and several EPs to date, Inwards has captivated fans and tastemakers with his unshakable melodies and playfully edgy yet deep and emotive production that draws on found sounds, modular synths, and a myriad of electronic and acoustic instruments. Along the way, the prolific creator has amassed an archive of unreleased recordings, and it’s from this vault that the new album is drawn, unearthing nine captivating pieces of music which had been “left behind” but whose time has come to see the sunlight. Any year with new or resurfaced music from Inwards is a good year.

The new record ” “All The Things You Left Behind” is a collection of tracks made between the very beginning of Inwards in 2013 right up to 2022. The tracks are taken from an archive of unreleased songs that have literally been left behind. They reveal a more mellow, melancholic, and introspective side of Inwards.

The concept of the album and the curation of the record happened between two friends – Kris and Vlad – who were previously connected as artist and label, but have moved on as friends and partners in this new venture, and created a new platform for them both to express their art and ambitions, tributing their dear loved four-legged friends who have passed recently, calling this new label Rainbow Bridge.

Today, 9th February the first taste of the record can be found with the new single which is out now. We are delighted to share the new video for the single “Leavin‘”, watch it in full below.

Through this adventurous and immense range of synth waves and particular tonalities, Inwards has the remarkable ability to create such dynamic and expressive electronic ensembles. Sculpting the lasting ambiance, Inwards initially marks out the atmospheric notes, with this warmth emitting from the notes the creation builds with the addition of sustained resonating waves joining the rhythmic pulsations. The warmth from the chosen tones and flowing patterns bring a cadence of character to the vision. As the track develops and grows, the hypnotic loops bring this burst of familiarity and comfort into the composition. Compelled by the moving circuit of this arrangement, the attachment is formed.

Inwards once again provides an expansion of Soundworks that connect through this emotional thread, found flowing throughout the world of Leavin‘. There’s a real organic essence to the instrumentation, found in the delicate harmonies and highlighted by the soundbites weaving through the ambiance towards the cathartic final few bars.

The new track prioritizes Inwards‘ ability to create such sonically pleasing landscapes that pull the audience into the aura and moves their own mood.

Album Artwork

Pre- Order https://inwards.bandcamp.com/



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