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Dignan Porch Releases New Album “Electric Threads” – Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK), Hidden Bay Records (EU) & Repeating Cloud (US) | Album Feature

February 11, 2023

Dignan Porch Releases New Album “Electric Threads”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK), Hidden Bay Records (EU) & Repeating Cloud (US)

Back in December, we shared the news of the then-forthcoming album from Dignan Porch, thrilled to share what was easily the track that quickly became our favourite single of 2022, fast-forward 2 months and finally the new 10-track album “Electric Threads” is officially out in the world ready for all to hear.

Dignan Porch needs no introduction, we are confident this is a name you’ve heard before, an artist you’ve admired. Joe Walsh, aka Dignan Porch, has frequented this blog from as early as 2013, as well as appearing on various outlets, playlists and compilations across the globe. Dignan Porch’s vision and musical influence is described as racing through alternating blasts of jangly, crunchy noise-pop and hushed melancholic melodies, Dignan Porch absorbed audiences into their homegrown psychedelic world with an honest and awkward charm. That description alone, there’s no wonder the hype is real and the fanbase is worldwide.

February 3rd welcomed the official release of the new 10-track album “Electric Threads”, available via Safe Suburban Home in the UK, via Hidden Bay Records in the EU, and Repeating Cloud in the US. Once again, the wonders of Safe Suburban Home allow us to discover this perfect record.

With this immediate sweep into the midst of the guitar rhythms and buoyant atmosphere, the audience embraces the first single with this quick connection and sense of familiarity. By kicking off the album with this feeling you’ve embraced this ambiance once before as you jump into the world with such confidence, Dignan Porch wastes no time in emitting this rich landscape.

“Pictures” kicks off the new record with this careful shuffle, complex and intertwining bass notes, and vibrant guitar passages, Dignan Porch devours the world with lo-fi melodious vocal harmonies displaying this critical lyrical journey that picks up the emotive power. Dignan Porch keeps this breezy movement that can be compared to a classic Kinks vision as the first release allows this golden melody to shine on the intimacy that is captured throughout. Uniting the brighter tonalities with the raw words.

With the opener hooking the listener instantly, the dynamic shift into the hypnotic world of “Hidden Levels” keeps the attention fixated on the energetic exploration. A fierce and quick-paced composition with this imperative loop escalating as the instrumentation intensifies and brings a destructive essence to this mighty release.

Dignan Porch has this impressive power to build refreshing soundscapes that draw attention to the hypnotic sequences and fragile atmospheres. Each track fits so perfectly together and continues to allure with the variation.

When you reach the title track, you gravitate to that immense melody. Catapulting the listener into the plethora of elevated tones, the immersive world shines on the wealth of affection cascading throughout this arrangement. This swirling melody leads the way, consistent percussive punches assist with the movement, and the bright textures simply dazzle. From the get-go, this is a must-experience exploration filled with countless hooks and shimmering earworms. Meandering through quieter passages before this explosive burst in intensity, re-igniting the heaviness and re-introducing you to the compelling loops which play throughout. The track boasts this refreshing energy, a lo-fi commitment amongst the luscious rhythms and raw lyrics. With the uplifting sonic cadence of this release and the hypnotic passages continuously playing on this addictive loop, it’s the impressive range of emotions captured within this ambiance and more so from the vocal harmonies that set this track apart.

“VR Park Keeper” marks the halfway point to this colossal release, and once again a shift pushes through the record and brings focus to a slower more serious arrangement. Darker attributes dig out the foundations of this compelling track, with mesmeric sequences and this truly melancholic chord progression, the striking surge of capricious affection surfaces and lets this band explore oppression.

“States Revealed” follows and allows the outfit to exude confidence and energy into the developed world. Grittier elements and more brash tones cultivate this crucial presence on the release, whilst the jaunty notes elongate to form the formidable ambiance. Those warbling notes play with the challenging tempo and the shifting bars, the powerful phaser-fused rhythms assist in the whirling sensation of the songs’ structure. The friction of the addictive elements combined with the emotions of the heartfelt lyrics, this track forces sincerity to shine throughout the lyrics and the vocal approach.

Simulation One” evokes this erratic feel from the harsher hits to the harmonic range, producing this more resilient arrangement that reflects rock influence, this release once again captures Dignan Porch and their delve into experimentation, alternating their sound and their stories throughout the record. The single provides a more luminous frequent guitar sound and the textures that are carefully layered throughout the soundscape assist with the enveloping mood of the composition. This track brings this stylistic twist to the formation.

As the record flows towards the cathartic finale, Dignan Porch moves the journey to fragmented stages, the record introduces more angular themes and abrasive hits with “Walk!”, a track that resonates unpredictability. The consistent beat and the scratchy passages make way for the ferocious fuzz, the track builds up to this sudden end and the audience is left with the almighty closer “Ancestral Trail“. Sweeter sounds resonate with this dazzling appeal on the final track, Dignan Porch keeps the theme of repetition and paints the world with countless hooks before introducing a sense of organic connection into the track. Utilizing the sea soundbite and allowing the relatable waves to gently crash into the direction, reuniting the visible human awareness of the scenery captured to play out the last of the final notes. Take a bow, “Electric Threads” delivers on every level.

Taking in the record in all its glory you appreciate the vast world that Dignan Glory has created, a record that is set to inspire, each release flows with such gentle ease from one atmospherical ensemble to the next, whilst replenishing the affection and the overall mood each track conveys, together this is a journey you need to embrace.

Wonderfully unique and instantly compelling. “Electric Threads” is above all, a lasting piece of art.




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