The Natural Lines Share Animated Video For New Single “A Scene That Will Never Die” from Upcoming Self-Titled Debut Album out 24th March via Bella Union

January 26, 2023
credit: Jesse Dufault

The Natural Lines Share Animated Video For New Single “A Scene That Will Never Die” from Upcoming Self-titled Debut Album out 24th March via Bella Union

On 24 March The Natural Lines will release their self-titled debut album via Bella Union. Last month the band shared a video for first single “Monotony” and now they are sharing a beautiful and captivating animated video for new single “A Scene That Will Never Die”, created by JOY + NOELLE

Commenting on the song the band’s frontman Matt Pond says: “True story. The scene starts with me at the end of my rope on the east coast. At this point in late summer, I sent a text message to the love of my life — before she was the love of my life — to see if she’d like to sleep under the stars. She was performing on the opposite coast and stopped mid-show to respond. We did not go camping. But every ensuing message brought us closer and closer until we became an inseparable team. Until recent years, it was out of character for me to be openly grateful. And further, to appreciate the virtues of modern technology. I was better at destroying phones than using them as a proper tool. But I believe people — including me — are capable of change. We are capable of being better people. And we are even capable of love.

This romantic tale is lovingly brought to life in the gorgeous animated video.

The Natural Lines capture this real classic rock energy among their deeply personal, intimate ensemble. This elevated touch consumes the audience, a story relayed with passion, and affection, and this stirring movement resonates from the instrumentation. A dazzling journey of sincerity.

Sometimes, a change of view can transform a person’s world. On ‘Don’t Come Down’, the artist formerly known as Matt Pond PA can be found with his “shoulder on the concrete” of a pavement, scoping out the world anew. This granular realignment of perspective serves as an open door to the debut album from The Natural Lines. At once clearly Pond’s work yet a huge leap forward in its measured songcraft, melodic immediacy, collaborative detail and wryly questioning lyrics, the result is a gorgeous album of intimate reflections from a relocated, renamed, revivified talent.

Recorded with close collaborators and friends over a period that saw Pond make vital adjustments to his life, its stealth emergence reflects his desire to set a fresh pace for himself and come from somewhere new, somewhere more open.

Now based in Kingston, New York, with his partner and wild dog Willa, Matt explains the album’s gestation thus. “It was something different from the start. I wanted to write as purely as I could. Instead of getting stuck in the ‘tour, write an album, release an album, tour’ cycle, which is not a natural way of writing or living, I wanted to write an album and when it was done I wanted to make sure it was done. I didn’t want this feeling of, ‘Oh, we didn’t have time’, or, ‘I don’t know whether I believe in the songs but it’s coming out anyway.’ I used to be always racing to the finish line, but I’m not anymore.

1. Monotony

2. No More Tragedies


4. Alex Bell

5. My Answer

6. Spontaneous Skylights 1

7. A Scene That Will Never Die

8. Person Of Interest

9. Don’t Come Down

10. Artificial Moonlight

11. Mahwah

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