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Pynch Announce Debut Album “Howling at a Concrete Moon” out 14th April + Share Video for New Single “2009”

January 17, 2023
Press shot, credit Ben McConnachie 


Announce debut album, Howling at a Concrete Moon, out 14th April on Chillburn Recordings

After numerous buzzy singles including a sold-out 7″ collaboration with Speedy Wunderground,  Pynch announce their debut album, Howling at a Concrete Moon, due 14th April.

Co-produced by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab, Howling at a Concrete Moon is an album that discusses both the personal and political, exploring what it has felt like to be young and coming of age in post-austerity Britain. 

New single “2009”, which accompanies the album’s announcement, is one of the more personal tracks on the record and sees singer Spencer Enock try to reconnect with his teenage self and make sense of his hazy recollections of this time.

With the opening lines, “I’m going to dye my hair and listen to heavy metal / and skate down to the end of the world”, “2009” encapsulates the reflective nature of Howling at a ConcreteMoon and shows a more vulnerable side to the band as Spencer pines for the odd simplicity of the 00s.

Spencer adds: “2009 is one of the most personal tracks from the album in a strange way and is definitely one of my favourites. It’s a reflection on being a teenager, skating the days away and being a casualty of 00s pop culture.

“I wanted to try and capture a pastoral naivety in smoking weed and skateboarding and then juxtapose it with more serious reflections on that time of my life. It’s sort of about how hard it can be to make sense of your own life’s journey and the process of trying to reconnect and reconcile with a younger version of yourself.

“Me and Scott (Enock) shot the video around Margate on Super 8 which was a really fun and rewarding experience. It took a little while but the footage came out beautifully and definitely mirrors the wistfulness of the track.”

Pynch have captured this real essence of freedom fused with nostalgia in this new release, this punchy release exudes this timeless attribute. A track we can relate to, revisit and allow the emotions to stir personally. Pynch invests their energy into the addictive textures that sculpt the soundscape, the intensity of their rhythms and immersive hooks simply enthrall, all whilst channeling observational lyrics through the swirling orchestration.



Haven’t Lived a Day
Disco Lights
Tin Foil
The City (Part 2)
The City (Part 1)
Somebody Else


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