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Pollena Releases Debut EP “Rising” – Out Now via Team Talk Records | EP Feature

January 3, 2023

Pollena Releases Debut EP “Rising”

Out Now via Team Talk Records

Back in Spring 2021 we first introduced our readers to the aspiring work of Pollena, since then we’ve been following the alt-electro artist from London and we were thrilled to see that back in December Pollena released her debut EP ‘Rising’ on Team Talk Records.

Pollena isn’t afraid to tackle a darker world in her debut EP, finding power in the fight for a better life. ‘Rising’ stands out by giving us a reason for optimism even – especially – in challenging times. Featuring raw and honest themes delivered with Pollena’s signature rich, smooth vocals, the EP blends genres, from neo soul to house, electronica and RnB, in an accomplished celebration of individuality, resilience and vulnerability and a call for hope.

The record was co-written and co-produced with Barney Whittaker aka Footshooter following the success of their previous collaboration ‘Stand Up’. ‘Rising’ reveals a fresh and rejuvenated sound for Pollena that melds together elements of neo-soul, house and RnB.

The new 4-track EP commences with opener “Black Holes”, immediately the array of piercing textures and essential percussive elements and this forceful push elevates the atmosphere. This track radiates this dazzling notion, addictive qualities from the lyrics, and Pollena’s broad vocal range collide to provide this truly immersive ensemble. As the impressive landscape builds, darker fatter bass notes emerge and glide through the hypnotic passages. Experimental psych keys expand and the buoyant beats chime and intensify, as this adventurous arrangement explores more explosive territory, the audience finds themselves hooked on Pollena’s harmonies and sweeter verses. With this bold beat and the almost carnivalesque world, Pollena’s lyrics reflect on such intimacy through the vibrant essence, fusing raw with roseate.

The EP continues and captures such jarring beats and movements with the insatiable vocal range. Uniting a plethora of textures and allowing Pollena’s vocal harmonies to soar so high whilst relying on tones that build the vivid aura.

Finally, the record ends on the cutting “Bask In Blue” offers this plush atmosphere grows and intensifies, and sweeping rhythms and piercing cymbals start to build the impressive structure. As the tones emerge, it’s Pollena’s bold and rich vocal range that oozes such appeal and molds the affection on offer throughout. Captivating this complex and vast spectrum, alternating through the sultry delivery to slightly harsher, direct passages. With such ease gliding from softer notes to sharper. Pollena sweeps such a vibrant array of harmonies and emotions through the atmospherical creation.

Listen to the record here – https://lnk.to/pollena_rising



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