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Oozing Wound Share New Single “Hypnic Jerk”- New Album “We Cater To Cowards” out January 27th on Thrill Jockey Records

January 15, 2023
Oozing Wound by Evan Jenkins

Oozing Wound Share New Single “Hypnic Jerk”- New Album “We Cater To Cowards” out January 27th on Thrill Jockey Records

Ahead of the release of new album We Cater To Cowards on January 27th, Chicago trio Oozing Wound have shared pummelling new single “Hypnic Jerk”. Oozing Wound’s self-deprecating humor here reveals something surprisingly honest lurking beneath the veneer of nihilistic detachment and noxious fumes. “Hypnic Jerk” mirrors the incessant waves of bad news from the past few years in its relentless onslaught and churning groove, the band navigating the noise with inimitable skill.

Oozing Wound captures their best in “Hypnic Jerk”, aggression sweeps into focus as the outfit annihilates their instruments and embeds the musicians’ high-octane energy throughout the chaotic composition. Abrasive on every level, this tortuous tone emerges to grow throughout the soundscape, melodious yet menace vocal notes shift the power throughout each verse of the release. As the drum kits just pull the listener into the center of the kit’s space/orbit, the track alternates through the hellish stop-starts weaving in this complex yet rhythmic push amongst the arrangement.

Oozing Wound are both a subversive force in heavy music and key players in Chicago’s vibrant DIY warehouse scene. Their albums gleefully defy categorisation, delighting in contradictions and delivered with self-aware humor that sets them apart from their peers. No one is safe from their scathing gaze, not even themselves. Self-described as “a rock-band wolf in metal sheep’s clothing”, this disparity has brought accusations of the band “not taking this seriously” in the deeply serious business that is entertainment. Beneath the blunt-force of the trio’s music lies a deep-set dedication to sonic experimentalism. On We Cater To Cowards, Oozing Wound push their music further by turning metal into itself and with their scathing social observations they have produced an album that is devastatingly fierce and undeniably addictive.

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