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Gena Rose Bruce Shares “Harsh Light” Ahead of Her Second Album Release “Deep Is The Way” due 27th January via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records

January 16, 2023
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Gena Rose Bruce

Shares “Harsh Light” ahead of her second album release, Deep Is The Way, out in two weeks time on 27 January 2023 via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records

With the release of her second album, Deep Is The Wayon the horizon, the Melbourne singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Gena Rose Bruce, shares one final insight with “Harsh Light” before the full record is released in two weeks time on Friday 27th January. Centred around Gena Rose Bruce’s distinct vocals, “Harsh Light” is one of the more up-tempo songs in the collection with Bruce confessing, “Originally I wrote this song as a ballad, and visioned it as quite a slow song. It wasn’t until we got in the studio that we realised it needed to be 5 times the tempo! I’m a huge Beatles fan and I think this song really shows that.”

The track is the fourth single from her much anticipated second album, following “Misery and Misfortune”,Bill Callahan co-writes “Foolishly In Love” and “Deep Is The Way” which was added to Pitchfork’s Selects Playlist and featured in the top spot in The Guardian’s newspaper playlist column. 

Angular and slightly abrasive at every twist and turn throughout the new release. The track focuses on Gena’s flowing and harmonious vocal notes and lifting melodies, reaching high notes and captivating the audience. Traveling with the gritty instrumentation with such ease.

Deep Is the Way chronicles Bruce‘s fraught path back into the light, as she processes death and inner turmoil to emerge with a newfound state of strength and resilience. 

Following the success of her acclaimed Australian Music Prize-nominated debut Can’t Make You Love MeBruce had international touring planned, including stops in the US for SXSW, the UK and Japan. Then the pandemic flattened Bruce’s months of preparation, doubts about her future and artistic worth crept in. Her journey into balancing ambition and self-worth shows up on the burning slow-build album track “Future“. 

Housebound, with the claustrophobia of lockdown setting in, Bruce began identifying with characters in the books she was reading, like April Wheeler in Revolutionary Road – an actor whose ambitions are dampened by domesticity. Frustrations that made their way into the aching album track “Captive”. 

Deep Is the Way is Bruce’s outlet for the unrelenting emotions; but writing only gets you part of the way. It’s only through embracing the strength in her long-term relationship – found on the delicate piano tribute “Love” – and relishing nature’s therapeutic qualities through a newfound love of gardening, which she is now studying too, that Bruce has found herself back literally on solid ground. Investing time in life’s cycles of renewal and growth gave the album its name, and the context for its pivotal title track. “Working with your hands, in dirt and mud, is just a really beautiful feeling”.

Deep Is The Way
27 January 2023
Pre-save/order here

1. Future
2. Destroy Myself
3. Foolishly In Love
4. Harsh Light
5. Misery And Misfortune
6. Deep Is The Way
7. Morning Stars
8. I’d Rather Be A Dreamer
9. Love
10. I’m Not Made To Love Only You
11. Captive

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