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En Attendant Ana Share New Single “Same Old Story”, New Album out 24th February via Trouble In Mind Records

January 13, 2023
Press shot, credit Arno Muller 

En Attendant Ana

Unveil new single, “Same Old Story”, Taken from new album, Principia, due 24th February on Trouble in Mind

Parisian quintet En Attendant Ana share a second single from their forthcoming album Principa, out 24th February on Trouble in Mind.

In second single “Same Old Story”, En Attendant Ana wanted to show themselves “behind closed doors, locked in a mortifying loop, repeating over and over the same gestures of a banal and falsely comfortable scene… until exhaustion.” With this piece, the band explore new paths, making playful winks to bossa rhythms, mixing of genres and improvised music.

Principia is a great step forward without sacrificing the things that make the band unique. The nods to French pop (both current & classic) still permeate the proceedings, and the group’s penchant for Anglo-Saxon indie pop from The Nineties (think Electrelane, Stereolab, American Analog Set) still rings out, but there’s an air of – dare we say – maturity in “Principia”s twelve songs. The next great phase of an already great band.

 En Attendant Ana are proving this new album will consume their audience, creating this world that continues to entice, thrive, and inspire. Their latest new single combines punchy rhythms, this boisterous, all-rounded gritty bass beat targets the soundscape and alongside this, the vocal harmonies lift the complex composition.

“Principia” is released on CD, cassette, black vinyl and limited peach vinyl (while supplies last) and will be streaming worldwide on all available DSPs.

01. Principia
02. Ada, Mary, Diane
03. Black Morning
04. To The Crush
05. Same Old Story
06. Wonder
07. Fools & Kings
08. The Cutoff
09. Anita
10. The Fears, The Urge

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