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Discover Dead Movie Animals – New Single “A Little Darkness” Out 6th January | Single Feature

January 6, 2023
Synne S.B Bønes

Dead Movie Animals Release New Single “A Little Darkness”

Out 6th January

Discover Dead Movie Animals, the Norweigan duo about to certify themselves as your new favourite band.

The Norwegian duo Dead Movie Animals came to life as the result of two friends reminding themselves of the very first conversation they had when they were 10 years old: That they would form a band that could be their life. With that commitment and based on their flawless debut single “A Little Darkness”, Dead Movie Animals are about to embark on their best adventure yet.

The duo consists of Per Reymert on Drums, Vocals and Synth and Simen Trippestad on Guitar, Bass and Slide Guitar. With their vision for the outfit, the band decided they wanted to work across borders to produce their record, literally. The band spent this Christmas in the UK, flying into The Forest of Dean where they recruited a group of local punk legends to record on one of their upcoming songs, these include Circuit Sweet familiars The Mountain Howl, Black Art etc and recorded by Simon Gore (CS / A Parliament Of Wolves).

When we were first shown the teaser for the new single prior to the launch, which was a video collaboration with Georgian photographer Nina Nayko which you can see here, immediately this excitement ignited. Dead Movie Animals are an act you need to support and follow for this duo are about to explore one of the most critical musical paths for their outfit, their vision is ready to hook and move a whole new audience.

Today, January 6th, the duo release their immense debut single “A Little Darkness”, which is out across all streaming platforms. The track is described as both a chronicle of their destructive twenties, and a letter of intent: Through friendship and hard work, the sky’s the limit. The single is the first from their upcoming EP 2020 Hindsight, which is set to be released in march.

The new track commences with this powerful harshness, this distinct destructive tone kicks into focus from the moment you hit play, and raw tones lead the way for the pulverizing drum beat to join the vast landscape. Mesmerized by the expressive attributes that build this release, the captivating vocals soon explode. This is easily one of the most crucial new tracks, capturing this wealth of malevolence as the outfit produces this sonically obliterating, melodious ensemble.

From the energy that the pair capture within this colossal composition, to the complexity that surrounds the vast landscape and consuming structure, Dead Movie Animals have this fearless commitment to their vision which they playfully air throughout the 3-minute 10 journey, the outfit play with a range of different emotions and alternating textures throughout with such ease. Consistently adding to the fury and then dynamically shifting the power.

As the soundscape sweeps through the ardent and angular aggression, the release builds up to the ferocious, intense penultimate few notes before shifting the final bar into a completely new direction and allowing this overhaul of emotion to play out the track. Resonating tones emerge from the immersive slide guitar, firing this elevated delay and showcasing the valiant refreshing tonality and sweeping synth notes leading this mystique to end this impressive and lasting ensemble.

2023 is the year of Dead Movie Animals, expect more.

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