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Bleak Soul Release New Single “Suffer Through” – Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

January 24, 2023

Bleak Soul Release New Single “Suffer Through”

Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

Kicking off 2023 with a bang, Bleak Soul, the latest project from Benjamin Langford-Biss (ex-As It Is), release their brand new single, Suffer Through, which is out now on Beth Shalom Records.

2022 was a big year for Bleak Soul, whether through the release of their sophomore record, performances at 2000 Trees and Burn It Down Festival, hitting over 3 million Tiktok views, or through Langford-Biss’ newfound queerness which is explored within the new single.

Discussing the new single, Langford-Biss said, “What started as a song about the fact that I don’t remember dreams and our formative experiences, has now become a tribute to my late-blooming, long repressed queerness. Growing up where I did, surrounded by the fragile American Pie-esque masculinity, meant I didn’t come to realize things about myself until closer to my 30s. There is an underlying self-aware sarcasm with the chorus lyrics, in that I am fully aware I lived with straight privilege for the majority of my life, and have not faced the discrimination other members of our community have, for simply just existing. Bleak Soul isn’t my solo project anymore – we are a band composed of three LGBTQ+ people that I love dearly, and since my self-actualisation I’ve been pretty happy in life – not very on brand I know – so it was time to start looking outward and backwards for new inspiration. Our last record took a dig at the noise of people with nothing to say, and this time, this year, I feel we have some things to say.”

Bleak Soul delivers this cutting new ensemble, combining fragility with this fierce drive. The vocals stand alone as they pierce the delicate and intimate lyrics through the abrasive atmosphere that shifts with fervor throughout. Bleak Soul creates this consuming hybrid of alternative rock with this expressive edge. Thrashing through these colossal high-octane peaks within the instrumentation then swooping to the slower passages, surging through this vast landscape that provides this aggressive contrast to the volatile lyrics.

This enthralling energy resonates from every attribute of this release, propelling Bleak Soul as an outfit you are excited to hear more from, honest songwriting fused with immense power.




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