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The Orielles Share ‘Tableau Remixes’ Featuring Space Afrika, Eyes of Others & Shy One Out Now via Heavenly Recordings

December 8, 2022
Photo credit: Neelam Khan Vela

The Orielles Share Tableau Remixes

Featuring Space Afrika, Shy One and

Eyes of Others

Out Now via Heavenly Recordings

The Orielles have shared 3 exceptional remixes of tracks taken from their recent album, Tableau, which was released on Heavenly Recordings on October 7.

Manchester/Berlin duo Space Afrika turn the time-shifting ‘Beam/s’ into a perfect piece of floating, beat-less ambient music that sounds like Slowdive zoning out in front of the London Symphony Orchestra, London based DJ/producer Shy One turns ‘The Room’ into a strobe lit nightclub, bringing in a bouncing bassline, a two-step rhythm, a rattling synth line and just enough squelching acid while Edinburgh based producer Eyes of Others brings the strange to a glorious remix of ‘Darkened Corners’, sending a vocal sample ping ponging around a mesmerizing, bouncing lo-fi techno stomp. 

Space Afrika said of their remix:

“We really love voice and the vox is stunning. In our world makes less sense to take away from that. We approached it as, if this was our song how would we write it. It’s in line with our energy and sound and makes sense as continuation : progression in style from honest labour. Gave it a lot of love hope you all do enjoy it.”

The remix collection welcomes the audience to embrace the eclectic and ambitious atmosphere on offer throughout. The EP captures this enthralling and immersive essence, fragile, cutting to vibrant, and addictive, the remixes cover such a vast journey fusing intricate tonalities to bolder, experimental passages.

Eyes of Others added about his re-working:

“I tried a couple of incarnations before reaching the final version, so I really felt as if I was living in The Orielles’ world for a week or so, with the vocals, the lyrics, looping in my psyche. A pretty good and heady place to be actually. I think I enjoy it when I’m working on something to the point where it gets quite intense and I start to feel a bit crazy, where just popping out to the shops feels weird…I’d find myself staring into the reduced to clear shelf asking ‘am I a structure or a pattern?'”

The band are set to head to Austin, Texas to play next year’s SXSW festival which runs from March 13-18.

1. Beam/s (Space Afrika Remix)

2. Darkened Corners (Eyes of Others Remix)

3. The Room (Shy One Remix)

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