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Sleemo Release New Single “For The Honest” – Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

December 15, 2022

Sleemo Release New Single “For The Honest”

Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

After the release of their November single, Dog, Sleemo release yet another face melter in the form of For The Honest. Spending 2021 and 2022 developing and reimagining their sound whilst performing alongside the likes of Jamie Lenman, DITZ, CLT DRP, Torus, Slap Rash and Enola Gay up and down the UK, For The Honest represents a new era for the trio. 

The new single is out now via Beth Shalom Records, discussing their new track, Sleemo states, “For The Honest is a song about feeling empty or not as good as you are. It’s a personal feeling that certain individuals get on almost a daily basis. You continuously compare yourself to others which leads you to then view yourself in a negative way which leads you to doubt yourself in your skill of your profession or anything that others believe you are worth more in. In something that you are already doing incredibly well with, you still believe you can do better or be better. You view yourself as an empty void, just a shell of a being.

This robust bass, raw and resilient dazzles as it forms the first few bars, later joined by abrasive instrumentation from all musicians. Smashing drum cymbals and fierce drum hits, jarring melodies, and the dextrous complex low-end unite and together weave the boisterous structure.

As this blazing energy pushes to the forefront of the release, the vocal notes join and bring this compelling attribute to the ensemble, those notes dynamically shift from the lo-fi commitment to aggressive with this unpredictable nod. These huge waves of heaviness cascade through the atmosphere and move the journey, Sleemo intelligently threads this kaleidoscopic chaos toward the crushing crescendo of the release.

Prepare to be blown away, this trio are delivering some of the most ambitious arrangements right now.




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