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Shreddies Releases New Tape “wethersongs” – Out Now via New Haven Tapes

December 14, 2022

Shreddies Releases New Tape “wethersongs”

Out Now via New Haven Tapes

Shreddies has returned with an ambient new collection of tracks under the release of “wethersongs“. The new 7-track thematic soundscapes are now available via New Haven Tapes.

The new record was released exactly a year from last year’s Shreddies album “Options”. The new record which is out now is described as featuring a more thematic series of soundscapes. Shreddies takes a deeper dive in more ambient musical landscapes than ever before. Only the balearic house-dub of the opening track harks to the grooves of their previous work.

The first side of the record is dedicated to people and experiences found while alone, exploring the city of Lisbon – even its singular groove is calm and contemplative. The second side sinks yet deeper into stasis, presenting a more wintery stillness – recorded while dog-sitting in the Welsh seaside
town of Penarth. The fragile pads and melodies all coated in the bracing beach winds of the Severn estuary.

The first track in keeping with the Shreddies’ essence, before carefully threading the beat into the sweeping sounds, and using real soundbites to form the structure of the atmosphere. This warmth immediately emits from the ambiance of this release, connecting to the listener and bringing comfort through the percussive elements and expressive passages. A track swirling through such complex cadence, mitigating a soothing, mesmeric trail for the audience to hook upon.

Elsewhere as you continue the journey of this collection, the mood alters, and carefully shifts whilst still allowing this exploratory path to shine. More delicate textures present themselves, layering to such perfection this hypnotic attribute intensifies. Shreddies brings this clear vision to life through the intricate tonality and percussive placement within each of the arrangements.

This immersive quality can be found in the familiar soundscapes, capturing natural elements and allowing the organic notes to thrive within the world that Shreddies produce. After the alluring and calming tones of wethersong 1.2, wethersong 1.3 allows jarring layers to defy a more gritty landscape. Initiating the more volatile world before those stirring sounds break away to bring the ambient shift from the small animal tracks to take hold of the remaining voyage. A dynamic shift in the second half of the tracks brings nature, peace, and this halcyon haze to the forefront of the landscapes. Intricate layers adapt a natural resonance and Shreddies delves into this tender melody.

Shreddies has released a tape that forces the audience to slow down and embrace the vision, captivated by the admirable nod to the essential qualities that lace each arrangement with such a mesmeric enhancement.


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