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Rad Releases 22 – PARCS

December 21, 2022

Rad Releases 22 – Parcs

Our annual end-of-year feature is finally here, we spend the final two weeks of the year discussing the music that made 2022 special. Our special Rad Releases feature is now 12 years old and we love sharing the site with musicians, labels, and promoters as we discuss their year in music. We take a personal look back on familiar names’ most loved releases of the past 12 months. It’s a time we enjoy and look forward to, through the contributions we get to find new music discoveries, and releases we may have missed throughout the year. 

Our next feature comes from a trio that released our most played EP this year, following a 3-year hiatus Newport trio PARCS released their outstanding 4-track EP “Dawnsio Trist”, via Rose Parade Recording Company. The new 4 track release was created throughout lockdown, based around Korg and Yamaha synths recorded by Joe Coote in a Pembrokeshire living room, vocals tracked by Elly Sinnett in Newport, and mixing/mastering by George Goom. We are delighted to speak to PARCS and find out more about their year in music.

Top Releases:

Murder Club – Sour Candy 

Our good friends Murder Club released their beautiful debut EP this year & it’s filled with all the good stuff; melodies, harmonies & great hooks. 

Harry Styles – Harry’s House 

This is one of Elly’s choices! I didn’t think I liked much of Harry Styles’ music until this album came out but the songs stay in your head for days! 

DRAG – Let’s Make Out 

We had the pleasure of playing with DRAG this year in Cardiff and were blown away. The way their recordings translate to the live show is something everyone should experience. Incredible synth pop. 

Wet Leg – Wet Leg 

We got a little obsessed with this album over the summer, as did everyone else. Just so so good. 

Paramore – This Is Why 

Elly: It’s just so good! It gets stuck in my head for days! The hook is too catchy. 

Best show played this year:

We were so lucky to have played a lot of amazing shows this year, but the best was definitely our first headline gig in Tiny Rebel for BBC 6 Music in Cardiff. The energy in the room was incredible. It was the first time we had people singing the words to our songs back at us, it got a little emotional. 

Your own highlight of the year:

We released our fourth EP called ‘Dawnsio Trist’ with Rose Parade Recording Co. and had such a lovely response to it! After having a hiatus and not being sure where PARCS was going, it felt so good to release songs we were proud of & have people resonate with them. 

Record that’s got you through this year:

Porches – All Day Gentle Hold ! 

Elly: I’ve loved Porches for a while but completely missed this album when it was released late 2021. The hold this album has had on me since! The hooks, lyrics, melodies, riffs… I genuinely don’t think there’s a bad song on this album. Obsessed. 

Julee Cruise – Floating Into The Night 

Joe: I honestly just find this album so beautiful. Strangely nostalgic. Really dreamy with jazz elements and airy vocals. 

Best music discovery of this year:

Joe: City pop! The perfect music for summer. Incredible musicianship, amazing melodies & harmonies.. especially artists like Makoto Matsushita & 1986 Omega Tribe. Again, strangely nostalgic, even though I wasn’t alive during the 80s in Japan when it was made. 

Elly: Mine has to be Djo! Especially the album Twenty Twenty. I discovered him quite late in the year but he still dominated my Spotify wrapped. 

Artist/band to watch for 2023:

Murder Club, Chroma and DRAG! 

Plans for the New Year:

More shows, more music! We’re getting ready to record some more songs – hopefully, we’ll be in the studio early 2023! We’re very excited about what we’ve written so far. 

A huge thank you, that record means so much very excited to hear more!

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