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Linney Releases New Single “Super Human” Out Now, December 2nd | Single Premiere

December 2, 2022
Courtesy of Linney

Linney Releases New Single “Super Human”

Single Premiere

Discover the magical sounds of Linney. LA-based singer Linney demonstrates her sublime vocals over a shimmering electro/synth pop backdrop on her latest single Super Human, the follow-up to her well-received Run To The Forest and Garden singles. 

Linney had this to say about the track “As a songwriter, you get used to pitching most everything you write to other artists. But “Super Human” was always one of those records I’d hoped to hold onto. We shopped it around and had some strong interest but nothing ever totally clicked. I even had a couple artists tell me they didn’t know what to do with it, because it was perfect as is. Still to this day, this record makes me cry. And I know I’m an emotional person, but not many songs can do that for me. I’ve always known there was something special about this song and I feel so lucky that I’m finally releasing it the way I hear it”

We are proud to give you the premiere of Super Human, listen below:

A track that is equal parts fragile as it is euphoric. Using delicate harmonies and a proud bold percussive beat. The electronic elements build this mighty cadence through the shifting melodies, whilst Linney’s impressive vocal range reaches such high notes and simply dazzles.

The new track is out today via Helix Records-

Words: Gavin Brown

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