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Teri Gender Bender Releases New Single “GIVE ME, GIVE ME” Feat. Omar Rodríguez-López, Taken From Upcoming EP “STATE OF FEAR” out 16th December via Clouds Hill

November 11, 2022

Teri Gender Bender Releases New Single “GIVE ME, GIVE ME” Feat. Omar Rodríguez-López

Taken From Upcoming EP “STATE OF FEAR”

out 16th December via Clouds Hill

Teri Gender Bender today follows up the release of her latest EP ‘SATURN SEX’ with a new song called ‘GIVE ME, GIVE ME’ (feat. Omar Rodríguez-López). The song is taken from Teri’s new EP ‘STATE OF FEAR’, which is out 16 December and is the second part of her double EP, with the first part ‘SATURN SEX’ having been released in October.

Both EP’s will be released physically on 16 December via Clouds Hill. Pre-order the bundle here

Cautious but driving, rhythmic and with a mysterious touch, that’s how ‘GIVE ME, GIVE ME’ kicks off. The duet with Omar Rodríguez-López, Teri’s long-standing musical companion, multi-instrumentalist, and part of the just reunited The Mars Volta, captivates with a mesmerising melody and the two voices alternating and complementing one another. 

‘GIVE ME, GIVE ME’ is about the “feeling like you are never enough to the sensational spectrum of wanting more, that you do not have enough. From carnal sexual desire to existential crisis of the self,” explains Teri on the song. 

This ominous creation hooks you from the get-go, with the complex low-end surging through the atmosphere and shifting the power, the structure expands with additional crucial textures. Lyrically and emphasized by the dual harmonies, this essential formation flows from the words, emotion weaves through the stirring current and becomes the vital connection between artist and audience. A devastatingly stunning release.

Most known as the frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist of Mexican garage punk band Le Butcherettes, Teri Gender Bender’s Avant-garde musical style is showcased at its most poignant and bright on her solo endeavors, and will resonate heavily with those of us crying out for authentic personalities who are proudly, eccentrically, individual. 

Her songs all have something in common – they are all lit from within by an inner radiance, wise and freaky, always proud, strong, and sweet at the same time, reminiscent of Björk, wrestling fantastic works of art and pop miniatures from the great moments of intensity and quiet pause that life throws at us. She has contributed vocals to numerous records for Omar Rodríguez-López, as well as collaborating with musical luminaries such as Melvins and Iggy Pop. 

‘SATURN SEX’ and ‘STATE OF FEAR’ follow the release of the ‘COMPLEXIFY’ 10 EP collection within which Teri Gender Bender has poured the experiences of her eventful life, and those of us all, before tearing them apart. Not entirely, but there is a reason her former band is called Le Butcherettes, and why they were one of the hottest and most politically necessary riot grrrl bands in Mexico in the late 2000s. Fans can stream the collection in its entirety here.

The 40 tracks are based on four principles, four pillars of truth so to speak, that underlie all of Teri Gender Bender’s sparklingly beautiful and achingly elegiac music.

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