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Sorry Girls Share New Single & Video “Breathe”- New Album Coming Soon via Arbutus Records

November 10, 2022
Photo credit: Japhy Saretsky


Share new single & video “Breathe”
New album coming soon via Arbutus Records

Montreal duo Sorry Girls, made up of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront share their new single & video “Breathe“, which is out now via Arbutus Records. 

Since forming in 2015 Sorry Girls have transformed an eerie, dreamlike sound into lush, pleasure seeking pop. “Breathe” – their latest single – is a meditation on self-discovery, a song about slowing down in order to move forward. “That song is about the feeling of freedom and getting to know yourself on a deeper level,” concludes Kirkpatrick. “It’s about releasing limiting beliefs and how those chase you for your whole life before you can move onto a new path.”

Sorry Girls capture this immense beauty within their latest release “Breathe”. This release resonates with a sublime array of affection and the lyrics immediately connect with the audience and powerfully alter their own moods. The tonality surges with this fiery emphasis on nostalgia, the textures and drum shuffles that emerge control the intensity and keep the audience fixated on this flawless journey. Hypnotic melodies and sincere harmonies lace this atmosphere, when the release ends you long to be back in this world.

This is the first new music from Sorry Girls since their 2019 album ‘Deborah‘ and a glimpse of what is to come from their new album, which will be coming in 2023. 


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