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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Share New Video For “Mr Medicine” – New Album Out 17th February via Rocket Recordings

November 18, 2022
Photo Credit: Ania Shrimpton

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
share new video for 
“Mr Medicine”

Land of Sleeper out 17th February
on Rocket Recordings

 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs recently announced the release of their fourth album, Land Of Sleeper due out 17th February on Rocket Recordings.

Now they reveal the video for the first single “Mr Medicine” – made by the artist Wilm Danby, known for his paintings and video art for the likes of Palace, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Bullion. “When I first heard the track, I immediately felt a kind of forward motion, like being pushed forward by an unknown force in a nightmare, toward an unknown place, floating but with no control. Scary but fun…” says Danby. “On repeated listens, it became sort of a mantra with riffs, about transcending fear through some kind of ritual or rite of passage. I wanted to make that ritual happen, to see what it could look like, and if it would work. A stone circle was the obvious place for this, the moon is famously great at transforming things, and transformations are usually very painful!”

Ready to be blown away? This 2-minute 49-second track is ready to prove itself as the rawest, raucous, and most explosive release of the year. The outfit are delivering on their mammoth creations, ripping through their expressive landscapes filled with obscure textures, heavy passages, and far-reaching vocals that capture your full attention. Playing on their ability to craft these deep, monolith structures and enhance their vision with the almighty tones that emit throughout.

“Music is a powerful medicine and it should be consumed daily for mental wellbeing. Mr Medicine’s faithful and highly regarded colleague is Doctor Gig, who we also have on speed dial,”Matt Baty explains. “Lyrically I suppose the sentiment is not too dissimilar to Sister Sledge ‘Lost In Music’, only galvanised by heavy, heavy doses of distortion and really big drum fills.”

The intensity of Land Of Sleeper can be felt right from the outset, thanks to the pulverising drive of opener ‘Ultimate Hammer’  and its rallying cry “I keep spinning out, what a time to be alive”. Yet, whilst ‘TerroPillow’ and ‘Big Rig’ are rich with the band’s trademark Sabbathian power, there’s scope this time around that supercedes anything they’ve previously attempted. Matt’s duet with the traditional folk vocals of Cath Tyler on the closing lament ‘Ball Lightning’, for example, is one particularly potent illustration of their expanded horizons.

In terms of emotional impact, a pinnacle on Land Of Sleeper is ‘The Weatherman’. Replete with devotional rapture and radiant intensity, the band’s attack slowed down to a mantric and mesmeric crawl, it marks a collaboration with the ululatory tones of Bonnacons Of Doom vocalist Kate Smith and a choir including Richard Dawson and Sally Pilikington. 

Land of Sleeper Tracklisting:
01. Ultimate Hammer 
02. Terror’s Pillow  
03. Big Rig  
04. The Weatherman 
05. Mr Medicine
06. Pipe Down! 
07. Atlas Stone  
08. Ball Lightning   

17 Feb / Bristol / Rough Trade (Instore show/signing)
18 Feb / London / Rough Trade East (Instore show/signing)
19 Feb / Brighton / Chalk (Resident Records Outstore show/signing)
23 Feb / Gateshead / The Sage
24 Feb / Edinburgh / The Liquid Rooms
25 Feb / Kendal / The Brewery
26 Feb / Lincoln / Lincoln Drill Hall
02 Mar / Cambridge / Junction
03 Mar / Ipswich / The Baths
04 Mar / Hastings / The Crypt
05 Mar / Leicester / O2 Academy
13 Apr / Milton Keynes / The Craufurd Arms
14 Apr / Stoke-on-Trent / The Sugarmill
15 Apr / Hebden Bridge / Trades Club
16 Apr / Stockton on Tees / Georgian Theatre
20 Apr / York / The Crescent
21 Apr / Newport / Le Pub
22 Apr / Portsmouth / Wedgewood Rooms
23 Apr / Hertford / Hertford Corn Exchange

All tickets via Pigsx7.com


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