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Liela Moss Shares New Track “Ache In The Middle” Featuring Jehnny Beth – New Album “Internal Working Model” out 13th January via Bella Union

November 23, 2022
photo credit: Toby Butler

Liela Moss Shares New Track “Ache In The Middle” Featuring Jehnny Beth

New Album “Internal Working Model” out 13th January via Bella Union

With her new album Internal Working Model due out 13th January via Bella Union, and having previously shared the track “Vanishing Shadows” featuring Gary Numan, now Liela Moss shares her new single “Ache In The Middle” featuring Jehnny Beth. The track comes accompanied by a dreamlike video, watch below:

Liela Moss shares this touching and tender release. A world that hooks the audience and transports the listener into the middle of this mesmeric and animated arrangement. Hypnotic rhythms form and loop, and as the addictive tones assist with the structure the audience embraces the array of delicate textures. Those textures are emphasized by the sudden fierce percussive lashes.

Intimate and ethereal vocal harmonies sweep through the fragile atmosphere before the contrast in vocals meandering through the ensemble suddenly allows complexity to shine. Layered vocal passages and the verses alternating to and from the dual-vocals showcase this complimenting yet differing range of vocal harmonies and emotions, the result assists with this lasting creation.

Commenting on the track Liela says: “I was working with Johnny Hostile on extra instrumentation for this track, when he sent it back with a middle 8 vocal section written and sung by his partner Jehnny Beth. He emailed saying she loved the track and hoped I didn’t mind her spontaneous contribution?  This was a real gift, some unexpected beauty. The track crystallises my thoughts about some of my own childhood, ideas about attachment and my recent work with Children’s Social Care. Jehnny Beth must have somehow understood where I was with this personal process, because she jumped straight in with a complimentary lyrical flow.”

On the video Liela adds: “The video reflects some of my glitched and slowly fading childhood memories, and the weird, uncanny aloneness I would experience when regulating my feelings as a little kid. People, spaces and animals take on this huge symbolic value and radiate with security, when you are very young, and searching for that safety.”

1. Empathy Files

2. Woo (No One’s Awake)

3. Vanishing Shadows (featuring Gary Numan)

4. The Wall From The Floor

5. Ache In The Middle (featuring Jehnny Beth)

6. New Day

7. Come and Find Me

8. Welcome To It

9. Love as Hard as You Can (featuring Dhani Harrison)


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