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Jean Jean Release New Album “Fog Infinite” – Out Now via Black Basset Records & À Tant Rêver Du Roi | Album Feature

November 11, 2022

Jean Jean Release New Album “Fog Infinite”

Out Now via Black Basset Records & À Tant Rêver Du Roi

Quickly establishing itself as one of the most ambitious and exhilarating releases of 2022, Jean Jean returns today with the release of their magnificent third album “Fog Infinite”, out now via Black Basset Records & À Tant Rêver Du Roi.

Jean Jean have done just as we predicted, released one efficacious record, an album that is destined to leave one remarkable imprint, dare we say timeless?

Consisting of Sebastien Torregrossa, Edouard Lebrun, and Gregory Hoepffner; this talented trio have consistently blown us away with their promising evolution and their ability to captivate any listener. Their evolvement and mammoth arrangements will consume you, and their new album from the first listen will blow you away, striving to be one of the best records of 2022.

The new 9-track album release is a collection of the most vivid and electrifying compositions, carefully orchestrated to move the audience through this immersive odyssey with this influential essence. Vast and expressive landscapes with this powerful vivacity at its core. These three musicians unite to create some of the most atmospherical and lasting ensembles you’ll experience. Simply put, instrumental greatness.

Throughout all of their new tracks, the musicians lace their vision with an extraordinary emphasis on emotional movement and deep affectionate connection. Through chaotic passages to delicate shimmers, from these immense and monolithic build-ups to the damning drum beats. Uniting a wealth of textures and their forcible intensity, this journey will enthrall, inspire, move and leave a mark on your world.

Jean Jean threads a story through the fabric of their formations, gripping and essential to their character. Their blazing energy assists the emotional current to fiercely erupt and change the dynamic of their adventures, they embark on such crucial voyages that hook their audience and keep them hypnotized by the grandeur of their tones and complex atmosphere.

This is a record that proudly showcases the progression of this outfit and their ability to create such striking soundscapes, adapting epic prowess to sincere and sweeping all-encompassing explorations.

Jean Jean strives for excellence and achieves just that, with “Fog Infinite” this outfit have released yet again another masterpiece to their impressive catalogue.


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