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Discover Gillie – New Single “i ti” Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

November 7, 2022

Discover Gillie

New Single “i ti” Out Now via Libertino Records

We are so grateful for the artists that Libertino Records push into our orbit, that statement so true with their latest signee Gillie.

Gillie is without a doubt a talented composer, you’ll appreciate the influence within her work from the first listen of new single “i ti” which is streaming below. The songwriter, guitarist, and producer has now joined the immense label family of Libertino. The new partnership and single release showcase the first material the Carmarthenshire-born artist has written in the Welsh language and the first song written and recorded after her return to live in Wales after spending her late teens and early twenties in London.

The new release is described as deeply influenced by place, Gillie blends musically on ‘i ti’  the serenity of the Welsh countryside with the industrial undergrowth of city life, to create something hauntingly serene. Blending gold-flecked guitar loops into an ambient haze, Gillie harnesses the anxieties, stress and struggles that had congregated within her and weaves them into something unapologetic yet inherently intimate.

As Gillie explains: “This song centres around a period in my life where I was looking for a change of direction and hoping to rectify frustrations of feeling overwhelmed and worn out. The rhythm is an attempt to reflect the fast pace of a city life that I was ready to leave, whilst the dreamy vocals reflect escapism, and a yearning for something more. I began writing this track in my last month of living in London, but the song itself came to life and was fully realised once I made the move back to my homeland.

Some of the lyrics are quite disjointed. It doesn’t so much tell a story as it tries to capture a feeling of making decisions. I (kind of) wrote it as a stream of consciousness and didn’t think too much about the concept. I wanted to capture a feeling without over analysing it. The first verse touches on how I often feel that I am pointlessly shouting into the ether, trying to be heard, whilst I slowly get older, collecting defects along the way. The second verse sees me trying to leave some of these thoughts behind, looking toward a new start as things gently begin to fall into place.

With the stunning new single, one of the main attributes is the immersive atmosphere and consuming vibe that the release shapes. This world engulfs the audience and keeps them fixated on the delicate vocal harmonies, the expressive nature of this arrangement, and above all this complex integration of textures which ultimately allude to the hypnotic tendencies of the rhythms that loop throughout.

Gillie’s tender, detailed and stirring vocal harmonies layer the ambiance with such conviction, adding this affectionate swirl to the overall direction. The scattered drum shuffles poignantly push the momentum with this distinguished ease, the indent on the hardware adding to the soft surge in intensity. Whilst the melodic hooks burst through and leave such a remarkable imprint on the aura.

Throughout the tonality choices and the sweeter cadence that sweeps the soundscape, Gillie brings this natural force to the forefront of the release, leaning on the organic essence which establishes such critical roots for the vision. Gillie is an artist you need to embrace, lacing her compositions with meaning and a feeling of adventure.

The future is really bright for Gillie.

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