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DD Darillo (Boy Azooga & Melin Melyn) Announces Debut EP & Shares New Single “Vincent Van Guaraldi”

November 30, 2022

DD Darillo (Boy Azooga & Melin Melyn) Announces Debut EP & Shares New Single
“Vincent Van Guaraldi

Raised in the acid-soaked foothills of the Cambrian Mountains, and inspired in part by the tales of the 70s rock icons who travelled there for inspiration, DD Darillo is the musical brainchild of Boy Azooga & Melin Melyn’s own Dylan Morgan. Together with his bandmates, Oliver Beard, Alex Burch and John Close, the Cardiff-based musician is preparing to release DD Darillo’s debut EP, Days Of Wonder, on February 24th.

Now the band has shared new single ‘Vincent Van Guaraldi’, a psychedelic instrumental-jazz  number that started life as a live medley. On their new single, Morgan says: 

This song should actually be called ‘The Vincent Van Guaraldi Medley’ as that’s how we know it live. It started life as three separate songs called ‘VVG’, ‘The Switch’ and ‘Ooh Ahh’ that we compounded together for the EP. The first part is a homage to keyboarding hero Vince Guaraldi. The tune came about after messing around with ‘Charlie’s Theme’ during a very exhaustive songwriting session. ‘The Switch’ is a jam we used to have as a warm up in our rehearsals that expanded into a track. And the final part ‘Ooh Ahh’ was written as a motivational piece so we could keep jamming during the midst of the lockdowns.” 


Prepare to be dazzled as you embark on this colossal journey, immediately uplifted by the elevated tones and dominating textures that lace this vision. Pulled into the immersive jaunty rhythms that commence within the track, the composition boasts this almighty vibrance as the tempo and complexity of tones allow the instrumentation to showcase such an eclectic range, at its heart this is a truly exhilarating, bright piece.

As the audience embraces three releases tied into one, the atmosphere shifts with such dramatic tendencies, meandering through such deep grooves to calmer passages. DD Darillo keeps this unpredictable emphasis on the ensemble as the shifts through the intensity constantly alter. The outfit expands their vision into cosmic chaos before reigning in the explosive element to focus on the deeper cuts. In all this release is dramatic, enthusiastic, and lifting.

DD Darillo originally formed in 2019 and have since been generating a vast amount of buzz within Cardiff’s vibrant music scene ever since. Their first ever headline show sold out and within two songs there were topless crowd surfers swinging from the venue’s rafters. Hotly tipped by the likes of the BBC Radio 6 Music & BBC Radio Wales’ Huw Stephens, the band are now setting their sights on national acclaim. 

Days Of Wonder was originally scheduled to be released in 2021. “On the day before launch, we all agreed it didn’t feel right to release a record when we couldn’t play it live. So we retracted it from release and went back to the drawing board and decided to entirely re-record it,” explains Dylan. The four-piece headed back into the studio with the mission of creating a record that packed the same punch as their live shows. Re-recording some of the original tracks and adding some new additions, the resulting sound is faster, more psychedelic and brimming with the heavier jazz chops that have become fundamental to the band’s sound.

What Is Wrong
Tell Us 
Vincent Van Guaraldi 
Days Of Wonder
What Kind Of Life
Sunset Sunrise

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