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Shlug Share New Single “BF/FM” & Join Clwb Music Family | Single Feature

October 21, 2022
Photo credit: @vogonlaundromat (Instagram)

Shlug Share New Single “BF/FM” & Join Clwb Music

Discover the almighty sounds of SHLUG. Described as Cardiff’s newest noise rock trio, SHLUG have dropped their latest single “BF/FM” via their new label home Clwb Music.

SHLUG describe themselves simply as “Three peas in a pod that are constantly exploding”, and while that doesn’t give too much away, you only need to listen to BF/FM and it’ll conjure vivid imagery of bedlam and anarchy. That won’t be too far away from what a live SHLUG show is like. 

Lead singer and BF/FM songwriter Ellis explains; “I was searching for something to catch my attention on the airways one day and I it got me thinking how easy it is for media/radio presenters to infiltrate a person and their thoughts, sapping any personality someone may have, becoming a monotone cog in the machine. So the lyrics within BF/FM paint a landscape of a radio presenter demanding that you put your foot down and never stop driving forward, no matter what is in your path.”

Prepare to be enthralled by this almighty creation, in which SHLUG perfectly captures their valiant energy. Immediately this crashing and chaotic composition consume the audience, in fact, leaves the listener with no choice but to embrace the erratic and darting nature of this fierce ensemble.

“BF/FM” is filled with abrasive notes, complex low end, furious fuzz, and this manic movement. At only 1 minute 25, SHLUG set the bar so high with the rapturous resilience of their hard-hitting and mammoth release. Creating something on such a large scale to captivate in such a short space of time. A truly dynamic arrangement that allows the audience to abruptly travel through this expressive vortex which unpredictably shifts the intensity throughout and alternates the time signatures and cadence of aggression.

Although SHLUG are new to the Cardiff and South Wales music scene, they’ve already been featured multiple times on BBC Radio Wales with Adam Walton who described their previous releases as “If this next piece of music was a sketch or a sketchbook, it would burn your hands. Eviscerating, in all the good ways“. SHLUG have also gained support from Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio. 

Ellis continues; “Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all bad but let’s be honest, there are some people out there who try and sway you with their hypnotic tones. Stay alert, keep an ear out for them.”. 




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